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If you believe a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, do something to help them. It can be hard to know what’s happening, but with the help of Arizona drug and alcohol treatment centers, you can get help right away, protecting their life.

Sometimes you may be wondering about your situation. Could you have a drug addiction? Is dependence taking over your life? If you want to stop using drugs or alcohol but have tried and failed to do so, it’s time to reach out for help. Our Arizona drug and alcohol treatment centers can provide you with exceptional support as you work through addiction and reclaim your future.

Signs You May Have an Addiction

Addiction occurs when a person recognizes the bad consequences that may happen if they continue to use but cannot stop doing so. They may feel compelled to use. Dependence may also occur. A person who has a drug dependency feels increased cravings that are impossible to ignore. If they stop using, they feel pain and anxiety. Some common signs of addiction include:

  • Thinking about your next use of the substance all of the time
  • Feeling that you cannot live or function without having a drink or pill
  • Intense anxiety, fear, or depression when not using
  • Cravings to use that are impossible to ignore
  • Physical pain, nausea, vomiting, or sweating when not using

If you are feeling like this, it may be very difficult to simply stop using on your own. Instead, turn to Arizona drug and alcohol treatment centers for help.

How to spot addiction and dependence in a loved one

For those who are worried about a loved one, it’s hard to know what’s happening when you are not with them constantly. Some common signs your loved one may be in need of treatment include:

  • Running out of prescription opioids or benzos before it is time to get a refill
  • Changes in personality that make you think they are no longer the person they used to be
  • Withdrawing from others, including things they once loved to do
  • Experiencing mood swings and lashing out
  • Appearance changes, such as sudden weight gain or loss, or no longer taking care of themselves

In these situations, a person may want help from their addiction, but they may be unsure of how to get it. It’s worth putting them in touch with America’s Rehab Campuses to learn more about our drug and alcohol treatment centers in Arizona that can help them right away.

How Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Can Help

When you reach out to our treatment center, we’ll help you learn if you need treatment and how to get it. Addiction is like any other disease. Some treatments are effective if you reach out and obtain them.

Medical detox

One of the first steps for many people is to get into a medical detox. This process allows the body to naturally remove the substances and break the mental hold they have on you. In a medical detox program, you’ll have access to treatments that reduce the cravings you feel.

Inpatient treatment

After detox, inpatient treatment programs are a critical step for some individuals. They allow you to remain in a drug-free space as you work on improving your health and mental wellbeing. You’ll also learn how to recover relationships, improve your future, and achieve more of your personal goals in this type of therapy.

Intensive outpatient program

For those who have a stable home life and can maintain a drug-free lifestyle, an intensive outpatient program may be an option after detox. You’ll spend numerous hours each day in therapy, but you can go home at night with your family. This type of program takes a lot of work but allows you to maintain your employment and be surrounded by your family.

Let America’s Rehab Campuses Help You

Our Arizona drug and alcohol treatment centers are designed to support your very best outcome. Our team works closely with you, hand-in-hand, to help you find your best way forward. Don’t overlook the importance of working with our team to achieve your goals. You can live a drug-free lifestyle and enjoy your future. Call America’s Rehab Campuses to learn more.

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