Arizona Alcohol Treatment Centers

If you’re drinking alcohol on a near-daily basis, binge drinking or using alcohol to cope with your feelings, you’re not alone. Close to 15 million Americans struggle with alcohol abuse, also called Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). With help from the professionals at Arizona alcohol treatment centers, you can start your recovery journey.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery — The First Steps

You’ve likely heard that admitting you have a problem with alcohol abuse is key to achieving sobriety — the fact that you’re researching Arizona alcohol treatment centers is a good sign that you’re ready to begin your path towards recovery.

You may also be worried about what comes next. It’s ok to feel that way.

After all, you’ve likely lived with your alcohol addiction for years, or even decades. The thoughts of entering an Arizona alcohol treatment center likely brings up a host of emotions. You might be excited at the idea of finally getting help, but you may also be afraid of dealing with the root causes of your drinking.

No matter what your concerns are, know that the professionals at Arizona alcohol treatment centers have the experience, skills and training it takes to guide you along your journey towards sobriety.

Medical Detox at Arizona Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol is a powerful drug that impacts virtually every part of your body. In the past, people like you were often told to go ‘cold turkey’ and suddenly quit drinking – that approach was rarely effective in the long run, and it was dangerous.

Addiction specialists now understand that the safest, most effective way to withdraw from alcohol and drugs is through a medical detox. The best Arizona alcohol treatment centers offer medical detox programs operated under the close supervision of licensed medical professionals.

When you enter a medical detox program, you’ll receive around-the-clock support from a team of physicians, nurses and counselors who specialize in addiction treatment. You may be prescribed medications to help minimize withdrawal symptoms, reduce the risk of relapse, and prevent alcohol-related tremors, seizures and hallucinations.

Caring, Evidence-Based Alcohol Recovery

Once you’ve completed your medical detox at an Arizona alcohol treatment center, you’ll start working on your recovery program.

The caring addictions specialists at Arizona alcohol treatment centers work with you to create your personalized alcohol abuse treatment plan. This plan will address any concerns you might have around entering a substance abuse treatment center, as well as your long-term treatment goals.

Your daily schedule may include a combination of one-on-one addictions counseling, group therapy and twelve-step meetings. You’ll also learn how to deal with stressful situations, negative thought patterns and your emotions without turning to alcohol or drugs.

Once you’ve completed the inpatient portion of your alcohol abuse treatment program, Arizona alcohol treatment centers will continue to support you. You may opt to join a sober living community where you’ll be surrounded by others who are also committed to recovery. You may also continue the work you’ve done at an Arizona alcohol treatment center by pursuing outpatient treatment services.

Your Sobriety Starts at Arizona Alcohol Treatment Centers

When you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, we’re here for you.

Contact our addiction specialists today to learn how Arizona Alcohol Treatment Centers can help you achieve lasting sobriety.



Arizona Alcohol Treatment Centers