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Recovery from drug addiction is a real challenge, but some of the hardest parts come before a person even puts down the drug. Before they can decide to begin recovering, it’s necessary to recognize that better things are possible and that they actually do deserve to be better. Unfortunately, people often stumble even after this because of the second hurdle, which is finances. Thankfully, laws like the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act have helped expand insurance coverage to help people receive addiction treatment. While that doesn’t help the uninsured, Arizona’s AHCCCS program does. Not only does it offer benefits for those with insurance, but it also helps all sorts of vulnerable and at-risk people access care.


AHCCCS Accepted

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AHCCCS Detox in Arizona

What is the AHCCCS?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System is a Medicare agency that focuses on making various types of healthcare accessible to at-risk Arizona citizens. While some of the main groups that are eligible for care are veterans, American Indians, and those with Medicare, these aren’t the only people that qualify.

Can I Use AHCCCS Coverage for Addiction Treatment?

AHCCCS offers a variety of plans and benefit programs for behavioral health, a wide-ranging category of mental health treatment. It includes areas such as addiction, mental illness, and dual diagnosis. Within this field, you can turn to AHCCCS coverage for many sorts of benefits ranging from detox to outpatient care. The AHCCCS defines three main areas of care in regard to substance abuse treatment.

Opioid Treatment Programs

The AHCCCS recognizes a number of rehab facilities throughout Arizona as Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP) which it certifies to use all approved medications for addiction treatment. These medications play a key role in medical detox programs, which help ease the process of detox and withdrawals by reducing the shock of withdrawals on the brain and body. However, this is only one part of the scope a certified OTP. These AHCCCS partners frequently also provide inpatient detox and medical supervision, case management, peer group support and general purpose rehabilitation.

Office Treatment Programs

Office treatment programs provide opportunities for patients to receive addiction medications from a certified physician. This can often be more affordable than pursuing full inpatient care, which sometimes makes it a useful option. These programs typically use referrals to counseling resources and peer support groups to help provide a more full range of addiction care.

Peer Support Resources

Peer support resources have become increasingly prevalent in the fight against addiction as they provide those in recovery with relatively affordable, long-term care resources. Peer support resources can refer to a combination of treatment options, ranging from support groups and therapy to sober living.

Receive AHCCCS Detox with America’s Rehab Campuses

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we understand that many of those with the greatest need for rehab care are those who struggle to access it. As such, a large part of our mission consists of helping ensure people can access any available financial resources to make care affordable. Besides the AHCCCS program, we offer a range of pricing options including financing plans that we tailor to the resources and income of each patient. If you’re wondering about whether you’re eligible to detox through AHCCCS, reach out to us with your questions today.

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