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Drug addiction can become a struggle for anyone regardless of how successful they are or where they live. To help you win your battle with drug abuse, ARC provides addiction treatment for drugs here in Arizona. Our doors are always open to ensure help is available the moment it’s needed.

Addiction Treatment Helps Save Lives

Finding the right treatment for drugs in Arizona can prove to be difficult when you’re also handling everything that comes with a drug addiction. Whether it’s an addiction to heroin, opioids or stimulants like cocaine, the best route to follow for sobriety is treatment.

Achieving sobriety the first time is often the most difficult step for an individual to do on their own. Now, you can enlist the help of medical professionals to make the process as comfortable as possible. Our team understands that multiple variables come into play during drug addiction and each of our treatment programs can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

Medically-assisted detox is the method used to get over the initial hurdle of ending drug use. If tackled alone, severe cases of drug abuse can have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms once the drug is out of your system.

Symptoms trigger during detox due to the brain developing dependencies on the presence of drugs. Think of it as losing the training wheels to a bike you’ve forgotten how to ride. The brain goes into overdrive in a state of panic attempting to unravel the dependencies and learn how to function solo again.

Withdrawal symptoms vary between drugs with some causing mild pain and others tremors, seizures or even shallow breathing. When met with properly administered medication, these symptoms can be alleviated. Otherwise they can develop into much more severe conditions, making detox dangerous when done alone.

Drug Treatment and Rehab in One Place

Given how quickly withdrawal symptoms can become unmanageable on your own, it makes sense that professional help is often required. Our dedicated team of compassionate recovery specialists come from different medical disciplines. By encompassing all stages of treatment on a single campus, you’re able to work with the same knowledgeable staff from start to finish.

An intake interview will allow you, and your loved ones if you wish, to answer questions about your relationship with drugs. A treatment plan will be created based on where you are and what your goals are after becoming sober.

During treatment you’ll engage with counselors, psychologists and other mental health professionals for therapy sessions. One-on-one appointments are designed to help you find what led to addiction and then to empower you beyond it. Group sessions serve as more of an open forum that you can use to share and garner insights with others going through similar times.

Thanks to advances in the methods used for treatment, programs can be as short or long as needed with different levels of intensity. This is helpful if you’ve caught yourself abusing drugs early on and simply want to put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. Outpatient treatment would allow you to maintain your daily responsibilities such as work or family while receiving treatment in the evenings.

Inpatient treatment is the opposite and requires you to remain at the facility until treatment is complete. Ideal for those without a healthy home life, inpatient treatment should also be considered in instances of long-term drug abuse.

Overcome Your Addiction With ARC

The goal of our treatment programs goes above and beyond simply achieving sobriety. Our staff will work with you directly to help develop the life skills and healthy coping mechanisms needed for long-term sobriety.

This year, don’t let drug addiction be what holds you or a loved one back from reaching new goals and heights. Contact our team at America’s Rehab Campus today to get started with a free consultation.