Addiction Treatment Arizona

There’s no denying that addiction to drugs and alcohol continues to become a more concerning problem facing our country each year. What can start out as social or recreational use of drugs or alcohol can quickly turn into substance abuse before ultimately leading to addiction. Understanding what addiction means can help you or a loved one decide what type of addiction treatment should be sought out.

What Does It Mean To Be Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Addiction to any substance can happen without you even noticing, even when it comes to legally prescribed medication. For prescription drugs such as opioids and painkillers, directed use can still lead to a physical and chemical dependence meaning the mind and body are unable to function properly without the presence of said substance. When you discontinue use, the central nervous system goes into overdrive attempting to learn how to function again in a sober setting. This period is known as withdrawal and comes with its own set of symptoms.

Avoiding these symptoms is one reason substance abuse may continue even if you understand there are negative consequences to the use. Addiction can blind you to the impact drugs or alcohol have on you and those who care about you. When the use of a substance becomes more important that job performance, maintaining relationships or carrying out other responsibilities, it’s likely that an addiction has formed.

How Can Addiction Treatment Help in Arizona?

America’s Rehab Campus offers the full gamut of addiction treatment in Arizona to provide the exact level of care needed on a per-patient basis. During the initial consultation our staff will answer any questions you may have about the process before setting up a time to perform the intake. Intake consists of a more in-depth meeting in which you’ll work directly with our addiction recovery specialists to create a tailored plan that tackles the addiction in a way that works for you.

For many, outpatient rehab will be the most efficient way to overcome addiction. This type of treatment allows you to maintain your work or schooling while attending treatment 3-7 times a week depending on how severe your addiction is. Each session will contain blocks of individual or group therapy, life skill workshops, substance abuse education and cognitive behavioral therapy all with the goal of finding the underlying force behind the addiction.

In cases where alcohol or stronger drugs are abused over a long period of time, it’s important that medical detox is done to ensure safety as some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. By pairing this with inpatient treatment that requires you to stay at the center, our team is able to address all levels of addiction no matter how severe.

It’s Never Too Late to Break Away From Addiction

Our multi-disciplined team of medical specialists are committed to the recovery and long-term success of our patients. When you choose to come to America’s Rehab Campus, you’re choosing to be under the care of a compassionate and caring team that utilizes evidence-based modalities and treatments. We work with a network of mental health professionals to provide ongoing care even after completion of a treatment program.

If you have any questions or concerns for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to reach out to our team as soon as possible. Every consultation is fully confidential with no obligation to seek treatment after.