americas rehab campuses inpatient program

The goal of any type of drug and alcohol addiction therapy is to stop using and no longer feel compelled to use. Without a doubt, it is critical for individuals who have an addiction to have the right tools to make that happen. Intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is one way to do that. IOP is a bit different than residential treatment. It happens while you are living at home, but it still provides you with exceptional tools and resources to help you to build a strong, substance-free lifestyle.

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer IOP as one of the treatment programs available to some of our clients. This type of treatment is designed to provide you with exceptional support and the most innovative therapy access. Yet, IOP is not always the right choice. That is why our goal is always to help you learn what each of your options are before you enter into care. Let’s explore how well IOP can work for you.

What Will IOP Do for You?

If you embrace treatment through an IOP you may see a number of benefits. For many people, this type of therapy is intensive, which means they can expect to spend a large amount of time each week to be spent in treatment. IOP is flexible in that your therapist will determine the amount of time you need care based on how well you are reaching your goals.

But, what are those goals? What can IOP do for you?

Each person is different in what they will accomplish, but there are several goals that can occur in this type of treatment program.

  • Overcome negative emotions. Often, it is negative emotions that lead people on the path to using substances. You get bad news that makes you feel awful. To alleviate those feelings, you think you should use a substance. Emotional or stress-induced negative emotions like this can be a real problem for overcoming addiction.
  • Have support as you rebuild. If you are leaving residential treatment and entering into IOP, this type of therapy allows you to step back into your daily life but, while doing so, have therapist support available to you. You can come back to talk or get support when things begin to get rough. This allows you to create more of a level of success in the short term.
  • Change behaviors. In IOP, you will learn how to change some of the behaviors you have that put you on the path toward using. This could be behaviors such as not eating healthy or spending time with people who may be a poor influence. You may need to learn how to recognize how the decisions you make lead to your negative outcomes, such as using substances.
  • Manage mental health disorders. With the use of IOP, it is possible to gain more control over your mental health disorders and the role they play in your day-to-day life. You will learn how to spot symptoms of a worsening condition as well as gain skills in working through those challenges.
  • Develop better coping skills. Stress is one of the most common reasons why people struggle with addiction and often find themselves facing relapse. In treatment, you will learn how to develop coping skills for those types of negative outcomes, which can help you find your way forward without having to think about the addiction or feel the need to use.

An Individualized Treatment Plan

One of the core components of IOP is that it is tailored to fit your needs. That is why, when you are working with your addiction therapist and your team, you will have a program that is designed for your individual needs.

For example, many people need help for past trauma. They may be suffering from a bad experience that led them to use drugs or alcohol. Your therapy is tailored to address those needs. You may be battling depression or bipolar disorder. If that is the case, your IOP treatment will address those needs.

In this way, the goal of treatment is to help you achieve a better quality of life. This may include spending time working with family and friends to overcome relationship concerns. It may also mean learning about addiction and why you ended up suffering from substance use disorder. Beyond a doubt, there is help available to you.

America’s Rehab Campuses is designed to provide you with exceptional support no matter what you are facing. Take some time to consider all of the struggles you are facing now. Then, know that there is help available to you. IOP is just one of several drug and alcohol treatment programs we offer. Set up an appointment for an assessment to determine what type and level of care is best suited for your needs.