Meeting with a doctorThe world of drug and alcohol addiction is one that spirals around itself endlessly until something changes, whether that be a substantial life event or an intervention by a loved one. No one wants to see someone they care about going through the physical and psychological stress that addiction puts the body through. Gently pushing them to seek treatment is the best way to help.

Taking the first steps towards getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be daunting to begin with. It’s a lot of responsibility, time and effort but it’s ultimately worth it. One of the best ways you can make the treatment process seem more manageable is to incorporate treatment plan goals along the path.

Creating Milestones That Matter

When it comes down to it, the ultimate goal of treatment is total sobriety from harmful substances forever. Telling someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction that they just need to stop abusing substances typically ends with them fully ignoring you, getting combative or feeling overwhelmed by the idea of sobriety.

Now, take that approach but slow it down and break it up into more manageable and attainable pieces. Our team here at America’s Rehab Campus works around four addiction treatment plan goals that start with identifying problem use and end with a sober life free of addiction.

By using these steps as mile markers on the road to recovery, we’re able to make the treatment process as comfortable and easy as possible. Everything from simple intake processing to after-care specialist referrals to keep you steady on your path. Let’s explore the four goals of our treatment plans to get an idea of what makes a meaningful milestone.

It Starts With Identifying Areas of Concern

The first goal is sometimes completed prior to patients checking in with us. Friends and family can often see that something is wrong and confront users directly. Other times there may just be an inkling of concern or worry. In times like this, we encourage you to reach out as we offer completely confidential phone and email consultations.

Removing the Temptation and Detox

After the intake process is complete, the more involved parts of the treatment plan can begin. Our staff of compassionate and experienced medical professionals walks each client through the upcoming detox process along with everything they may experience. Completing detox in a medical setting is always advised as the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe.

Putting Users Back in Control

Once their system is clean and the physical withdrawal symptoms have cleared up, the healing portion of treatment can have the full effect needed. Group or solo therapy sessions are available for those needing a flexible schedule and full live-in services are also offered to provide extra care where needed. After treatment is done, each client is able to return to their life with a new freedom from addiction.

The Final Goal Is the Ultimate One

What else could you want out of a treatment plan other than sobriety? For us, giving recovered clients peace of mind that they won’t fall back down the same slope again is a must. Mental health and other specialists comprise our network of referrals to make sure everyone has the ongoing support they need, whether it’s to avoid a full relapse or to keep working on self-improvement.