drug addiction

Addiction impacts everyone differently due to the factors that go into the disease. From personal health to genetic makeup, the reason someone may be likely to become addicted can vary drastically. No matter that situation, there are still consistent ways to spot the development and worsening of an addiction through four stages.

Phase 1: Substance Abuse Becomes More Regular

There’s definitely truth in the consideration that it only takes one time to get addicted to something, but more often than not, addiction stems from prolonged usage over months or even years. As usage increases in frequency, so too will the quantity needed to achieve the same feelings the individual previously felt during use. Hobbies may be replaced by drinking or doing drugs as consumption becomes the main focus which only speeds up addiction’s development.

Phase 2: Drug or Alcohol Use Seems Required

No matter what the substance is, prolonged exposure to external substances can cause the brain and body to change how they function. It may start with something as small as associating drug use with relaxation after a hard day, framing it in your mind as a peaceful or even beneficial activity. Before long, you may start thinking that you can’t feel “normal” without being drunk or high despite these states not being your natural demeanor.

Phase 3: Other Parts of Life Get Involved

Addiction has a way of wiggling into as many aspects of your life as possible. An easily noticed area is your physical health, both inside and out. Your loved ones may start noticing changes in your appearance or an increase in how often you get sick. Household chores can start to pile up while bills go unpaid. Financial struggles can quickly snowball until you’re asking those around you for money on a regular basis.

Phase 4: The Purpose of Substance Use Changes

While the consequences of addictive behavior start to appear, your brain and body were becoming physically dependent on the substance being abused. You may start to notice that you aren’t drinking or doing drugs recreationally anymore, but instead to avoid withdrawal symptoms brought on by sobriety. If you go too long between usage, your body will begin to detox and struggle to function without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Put an End to Addiction at ARC

When addiction takes over, the best solution is to seek out professional addiction treatment. America’s Rehab Campus is here to help you take back control of your life so you can live it the way you truly want to. Our state-of-the-art facility, combined with the latest treatment modalities, creates the ideal environment for you to recover and grow.

The sooner you seek treatment, the more time you’ll take back from addiction. Reach out to the ARC team to get started today.