Vicodin is the brand name for a hydrocodone and acetaminophen combination drug. This strong opioid medication is commonly used to treat moderate to severe pain, but it also carries a high risk of abuse, dependence, and addiction — especially when misused or used long term. Vicodin drug detox is a treatment that helps you safely withdraw from this medication with a reduced risk for complications, such as relapse, dehydration, and death.

Here’s what you need to know about Vicodin detox as well as how this treatment can help you overcome opioid dependence.

What Is Vicodin Detox?

Vicodin and other opioids produce euphoric effects and interact with the brain in ways that make these drugs highly addictive. Attempting to quit Vicodin on your own can be difficult and dangerous to do since withdrawal symptoms are often severe enough to make users return to drug use, which increases the risk for an overdose. Vicodin detox helps you gradually withdraw from this drug and replaces it with FDA-approved medications that reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms for a safer, more comfortable recovery from Vicodin dependence.

Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

Vicodin is a short-acting opioid that produces withdrawal symptoms within eight to 24 hours of stopping use. While opiate withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, they can cause extreme discomfort. Many compare Vicodin withdrawal to having the flu.

Common Vicodin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Yawning and goosebumps.
  • Sweating as well as hot and cold flashes.
  • Dilated pupils and agitation.
  • Tearing eyes and a runny nose.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Abdominal cramping and muscle aches.
  • Insomnia and anxiety.

How Does Vicodin Drug Detox Work?

Vicodin detox usually takes place at an inpatient or residential drug rehab center where patients can be monitored closely by medical staff as detox is safest when 24-hour medical care is available and there is no access to drugs or alcohol. However, Vicodin detox may also take place in an outpatient setting when combined with drug and alcohol rehab therapies that treat addiction.

During a Vicodin drug detox, Vicodin is usually replaced with methadone, buprenorphine, or Suboxone. These medications act on the same opiate receptors as Vicodin, but they do not produce euphoria. This allows patients to slowly come off Vicodin without suffering from drug cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Those who also suffer from co-occurring disorders like depression and bipolar disorder may be prescribed antidepressants to further reduce the risk for Vicodin relapse during treatment.

How Long Does Vicodin Detox Last?

Vicodin withdrawal can last anywhere between four and 10 days. However, many drug rehab centers tailor Vicodin detox treatments to each individual based on the severity of symptoms, which means Vicodin withdrawal may take several weeks or months based on how the patient responds to treatment. In some instances, Vicodin detox can last for years to help people achieve long-term abstinence from Vicodin and other opioids.

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