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Addiction is a complicated disease that impacts people at various severities and creates numerous complications in life. For those who suffer from substance use disorder and are dependent on the substances they use, it’s important to seek addiction treatment from a professional setting like America’s Rehab Campuses.

One of the most common questions people ask is about what type of addiction treatment is right for their needs. There’s not a specific type of treatment program that is best in all cases. Rather, after meeting with an assessment team and admissions counselor, you’ll learn more about the options that could be right in your case. Take a closer look at some of the programs available to you.


When it comes to the types of treatment programs, many people begin with detox. This process allows your body to start to recover by working through the withdrawal process. Often, medically managed withdrawal is used to help you to ease out of using these medications. Once the body gets rid of the drugs itself, this type of detox program can help provide any treatment you need for side effects or medical complications that could occur.

Residential Treatment

Sometimes called inpatient treatment, residential addiction treatment provides individuals with a safe place to work through the initial phases of recovery. A big component of this type of care is providing you with information and tools to learn what occurred to you, why, and what can be done to prevent relapsing. Talk therapy, such as the use of cognitive behavior therapy, allows you to work on the social and emotional damage you have.

You may also benefit from mental health disorder treatment. Many adults struggle with both mental health and substance use disorder, a condition called co-occurring disorders. Treatment in a residential center may provide you with more of the tools and resources you need to recover.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This type of treatment program allows you to live at home, which means spending your nights there. On most days during the week, you will come into the treatment center to receive care. You’ll have access to individual and group therapy, holistic care, and much more. This type of program is beneficial to those who have a supportive family environment and a drug-free home. Yet, it takes a lot of hard work to get to this point because you’ll need to show you can not use.

The Types of Therapy Offered

Another aspect of getting addiction treatment is recognizing that there are many types of therapy that make up any program you’ll be a part of. This could include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This therapy focuses on changing negative thoughts around so that you are less likely to engage in negative behaviors.
  • Holistic therapy: The focus here is on healing the mind, body, and spirit through a wide range of activities like yoga, music therapy, and experiential therapy.
  • Individual counseling: These sessions focus on you. You’ll work one-on-one with your therapist to work on concerns you have, such as past trauma and more private concerns.
  • Group therapy: In a group therapy session, you’ll have the ability to learn and grow with others who are facing the same types of challenges you’re facing.

Find the Help and Support You Need Today

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