When you stay on Campus at ARC, you are not without companions and community. We offer group sessions and private therapy sessions to really work with our patients to help them explore their life passion to help them uncover their purpose. Each patient’s purpose is the fire that helps them out of addiction and on the road to recovery.

Edardo’s Story

Prior to coming to our Campus program, Eduardo was running with the wrong crowd, getting himself into trouble, and not living the life that he wanted for himself. Somewhere along the way Eduardo lost who he was, and was not happy with who he had become. Making the decision to get help and come to ARC was the best decision Eduardo could make. His program has helped him emotionally and physically to get where he wants to be in order to help facilitate the life he deserves in and out of treatment. Instilling the tools our patient needs in order to keep on the path of health and sobriety is our main focus. We want Eduardo and everyone who comes into ARC to succeed. In doing so, we offer Eduardo and others many different approaches to healing and developing skill sets including yoga, meditation, fitness, music therapy, equine services, and so much more.

Because of ARC

Eduardo will take the friendships he’s made on Campus into the world and hold the camaraderie close as he forges out his new path in life. He can’t thank ARC and its staff enough for being a big part in his recovery. From the therapists, to the police leads – everyone helped develop Eduardo into a better version of himself than before he walked onto our Campus.

ARC offers drug detox, alcohol detox, and a wide range of evidence-based therapies effective in treating substance use disorders and addiction. If you or a loved one needs help fighting addiction, contact ARC today at 833-272-7342 to learn more about our available recovery programs.