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Drug addiction impacts people in many ways. It can make holding a job difficult. It also makes relationships harder to manage. Often, family members pick up the slack for a person that is using drugs or alcohol. They may be unable to trust you. Sometimes, because of your addiction, you may say or do things that create damage to those relationships. When this happens, the most important decision you can make is to get into treatment. One component of that treatment may be family based therapy.

At America’s Rehab Campuses, family based therapy can be one of the many therapy programs we offer to help our clients to overcome the limitations they face. Beyond a doubt, your health matters. Yet, if you cannot work through damage to your relationships, recovery may be limited. Learn more about the treatment options available to you to help you recover from these losses.

Who Needs Family Therapy?

Family therapy may be beneficial for most people facing addiction. It is not just about working through past pain but also creating a plan for the future. Your needs for family therapy are often very much dependent on the relationships you have. Consider a few reasons why it may be a big part of the care you receive in addiction treatment.

Working through past pain

One of the ways family based therapy can help you is by providing tools to help you work through a difficult history. Addiction changes a person so much that it can be hard for family members to watch their loved ones battle addiction. More so, most people do not understand addiction and believe it is easy to simply stop using. During therapy, families learn about addiction and why a person does what they do.

Making the decision to leave

In some situations, people simply cannot forgive and want to move on. That is something that is their right to do. During therapy, all parties can discuss the future and create an understanding of what steps they should take moving forward.

Education on relapse prevention

Family therapy can also include components of education for family members. While it is always your responsibility to work on recovery and avoid relapse risks, family members are often a core part of the process. They can provide support and help steer a person with addiction on the right path, giving them the tools they need to make better decisions.

Work through other needs

Every family situation is different. In some cases, there is trauma from childhood or other experiences that could be playing a role in addiction. Other times, families need to be able to learn to communicate about expectations. Therapy is always specific to the unique needs of the family and the individuals within it. Family therapy can help to work through a wide range of concerns with the sole goal of helping people to heal from the damage created by addiction.

Family Therapy Fits Into the Bigger Picture

As you start to work on recovery in inpatient treatment, you and your therapist can discuss the need for family therapy. Remember that family therapy is not the only component of your recovery. Most of your therapy needs to revolve around your individual needs. That may include working through trauma, mental health disorders, health complications, and other goals. You need to learn how to live with your addiction and how to manage relapse risk. That often means using a wide range of therapy tools and resources to help you.

Family therapy can be a big part of your recovery, especially if that therapy is important to your future. Our team at America’s Rehab Campuses offers a wide range of support to guide you and is always available to discuss your individual needs with you. What you have to do, though, is to invest in yourself.

Contact us to discuss the drug and alcohol addiction programs available to you. Learn more about our family therapy program and how you and your family can work on moving forward for a better future for all involved. When families work on addiction recovery together, big differences happen, and people can learn to overcome challenges no matter how bad they may seem right now.