dui and rehab

Recovering from alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a lifelong journey that takes dedication to a sober lifestyle. But don’t let that stop you, as part of your recovery from AUD includes treatment designed to equip you to remain sober even during times of stress or anxiety. There are four steps you’ll go through during your recovery, each one bearing its own set of goals and challenges to overcome.

Step 1: Accepting and Finding Care

Making the decision to get help for an addiction to alcohol is never easy, with some individuals requiring an intervention to come to terms with their need for help. Regardless of how you get here, the first step is the most important one to take. At America’s Rehab Campus, your treatment program will be tailored to your unique needs. By creating individualized care plans, we can better help you overcome the root causes of your addictive behavior.

As you finalize your treatment program and get ready to enter medical detox, it’s important to lean into the support you’ll receive in order to stay focused and motivated to end your addiction.

Step 2: Detox and Treatment

Part of treatment is ending all alcohol consumption, an act that can come with side effects and withdrawal symptoms. You’ll be treated by medical professionals during a medical detox that uses medication to reduce the severity of certain withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, and high blood pressure.

Detox then leads directly into therapy and other treatment activities. You’ll work closely with mental health professionals and counselors to discover the triggers and causes of your alcohol abuse, all while helping you develop healthy coping mechanisms to replace your urge to drink.

Step 3: Post-Treatment Sobriety

Depending on the program, your treatment can last up to 90 days for residential rehab before you transition back into your normal day-to-day life. ARC alumni are given access to a vast network of aftercare specialists and resources to help with relapse prevention. Many of our support groups also regularly have alumni speaking, offering their encouragement to those at all stages of recovery.

You’ll use the tools learned during treatment to start creating healthier routines, exercising, building relationships, and finding gainful employment to make the most out of your new sober life.

Step 4: Living Free of Alcoholism

The final leg of recovery from AUD happens after five or so years of continued sobriety. You’ll likely have already made new relationships with those who don’t drink while engaging in more activities that don’t require alcohol in order to be enjoyed. It’s common for this period to be full of more happiness and contentment than any other time. The best part? This step lasts as long as you stay sober, letting you enjoy life to the fullest.

If alcoholism is holding you or a loved one back from the things you want most, reach out to ARC today to learn how recovery can help right now.