holistic living at america's rehab campuses

There are many reasons to enter into residential treatment for addiction. Quite often, the process is all about creating a future for yourself that doesn’t involve the use of drugs and alcohol. You’ll work on past trauma that got you to this place and create a plan for moving forward. While all of that is critically important, there’s also the need to work on improving your health, emotional wellbeing, and your overall outlook. Sometimes, holistic living services can help with this.

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer a wide range of tools to make it possible for you to enjoy a wide range of activities and opportunities to revitalize yourself and create a new path forward.

What Is Holistic Care About?

There are a lot of different definitions of what holistic care is for addiction treatment. There are a few things that are most important to know. This type of care is focused heavily on improving wellbeing. That means helping to improve your body, mind, and soul. The goal here is to give your body the tools it needs to truly recover from the damage created during the addiction process.

How can we do that?

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer a variety of tools to facilitate the healing process. There are a few ways you can enjoy this when it comes to holistic care.

Nutritional services

At the heart of the process is having access to nutrient-rich foods. This is critical. It helps provide your brain with the nutrients it needs to help improve overall healing. It also supports your body’s immune system function, rebuilding of muscles, and fighting illness.


Many people don’t realize the benefits of yoga until they engage in it a few times. In terms of addiction recovery, yoga can be outstanding. It allows you to move and work your body in a meaningful manner. Yoga stimulates healing. There’s also a component of meditation and breathing that can really define the healing process for you.


Along with yoga is meditation. You’ll have the ability to work closely with a team of professionals who can teach you how to meditate while also providing you with the space to do so. You’ll learn the benefits of meditating, especially as you work through some of the most complex aspects of your addiction. It’s important to incorporate this into your recovery journey because it can help you to find peace, de-stress, and improve your outlook.

Swimming pool

A pool can provide a wide range of benefits to those in recovery. For many, it’s fun. It’s relaxing and inviting. It is the ideal place to be when you’ve spent all day working on tough brain topics. In addition to that, a pool is excellent exercise, especially for those who may not have had a lot of time or the ability to exercise in the past. It is one of the best ways to work on yourself while also reducing the presence of the stress hormone in your body.

Fitness rooms

A good workout feels good. It’s empowering. It can transform the way you look and feel while giving you a new outlook. After a tough meeting with a therapist, working out that stress through cardio or weights can feel good. You may just want to work on healing your body, too. A fitness room offers a wide range of tools to help you to do just that.

Finding the Right Therapy for Your Future

When it comes to choosing a place to recover and heal from addiction, make America’s Rehab Campuses your ideal choice. Here, we work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan to address each one of your needs. Most importantly, we work closely with you to create a plan that you can feel good about, from the physical healing it offers to the improved nutrition and mental focus.

If you are looking for help to get through addiction, consider the value of investing in holistic care. It’s more than just therapy and medications. It’s also about creating an opportunity to heal from all of the damage that’s been created from drug and alcohol use. Let America’s Rehab Campuses help you.