life in recovery

The journey of recovery is one of new experiences and growth as you take back control of your life from the grasp of addiction. That’s not to say the journey can’t be challenging, but there are five rules you can use to guide your recovery towards long-term sobriety.

Rule #1: Change Your Life for the Better

While it’s easy to see that starting recovery is the best thing you can do, don’t forget to consider the stresses or factors that may have contributed to your use. You can work to remove these negative influences yourself, or talk to a counselor or therapist for their thoughts on how you can do so in a safe and healthy manner. Remember that you’re not just aiming for sobriety, but to empower yourself to live the life you want to live.

Rule #2: Be Completely Honest With Yourself and Those Around You

It’s common for addicted individuals to turn to whatever means necessary to gain access to their substance of choice. Lying, stealing, and disguising their consumption become normal behavior. It’s crucial to leave behind the mindset that you need to hide your addiction. You and your loved ones know that addiction changes how you act, and that recovery is your way to get back to yourself and feel normal without drugs or alcohol.

Rule #3: Ask For Help Even if You Don’t Think You Need It

One of the biggest hurdles facing those attempting to recover without professional help is the stigma behind starting treatment. Many people may feel judged or that they’ve failed in some way, not knowing they’re battling a chronic mental disorder. Medical detox also makes the withdrawal phase of recovery safe with FDA-approved medication and 24/7 medical support.

Rule #4: Practice Long Term Self Care

Many stories of addiction start with an individual turning to drugs or alcohol as a means to relax or as a form of self-medication, commonly for other mental illness or chronic pain. As you progress through your recovery, remember to take care of your mind and body so that the urge to use can be countered with healthier coping mechanisms.

Rule #5: Don’t Bend the Rules and Don’t Give In

If you don’t fully commit yourself to recovery, you’ll struggle to find to success in the long run. While relapse is a normal part of the process, those who are seeking out ways to still drink or use drugs while “following the rules” will need to change the way they view recovery to get the most out of their time in treatment. When cravings are difficult to ignore, reach out to support groups or a loved one to talk or be there with physically to help you stay strong.

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, America’s Rehab Campus is here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our compassionate ARC team with any questions you may have on treatment, insurance and other accommodations or services.