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There is no one person who exists in the world that does not require support every now and then. Whether you are dealing with big or small problems, having a solid support system can help ease the burden and provide you with the emotional and practical support you need.

Creating a solid recovery support system for recovering addicts is one of areas of focus. While it is exciting to finally achieve sobriety, you also have to maintain it, but without the right support, you are likely to relapse.

At America’s Rehab Campuses , we have a life and recovery coaching program designed to help recovering addicts abstain from substance abuse. The program is part of our comprehensive addiction treatment plan and it seeks to provide recovering addicts with the needed resources, tools, supports, and services that will help them with their recovery.

Why life and recovering coaching

Many recovering addicts tend to relapse within a matter of weeks or months after leaving rehab. This can be owing to a number of factors. Some common ones include:

  • The severity of the addiction
  • Co-occurring problems such as unemployment, mental disorders or health problems
  • High-levels of stress
  • Active participation in substance-related activities

The reason why we have incorporated the life and recovering coaching program into our recovery program is that many addicts who come to seek help for their addiction also have other problems.

These problems are interrelated and need to be addressed as well because they can easily cause a relapse. It is pointless if every time an addict completes their recovery and goes back to the same environment they were in only to be before faced with the same problems with minimal resources and no coping techniques.

To help our clients cope better and make better decisions, we equip them with the right resources to help prevent a relapse. We provide services that will help the recovering addict from disengaging and retroversing. These services include counseling, life building skills, coping mechanisms, holistic therapies and support.

Goals of the recovery coaching program

The main goal of our program is to help addicts sustain their recovery. Since the program is integrated with our addiction treatment program, our recovery coaches collaborate with addiction treatment specialists and counselors to create personalized recovery plans.

Our recovery coaches are also required to hold discussions with clients with the aim of creating a recovery plan that addresses the issues, challenges, and goals of each client. This plan, of course, evolves over time as long as there is engagement on the part of the client.


The purpose of the plan is to:

  • Create and formalize the relationship between the client and the recovery coach.
  • Provide a clear guide about the process.
  • Identify the needs of the client.
  • Identify the challenges and issues the client is facing. This could be unemployment, family related issues, health problems, or psychological problems.
  • Identify the goals the client wants to achieve.
  • Identify the barriers, challenges and obstacles that may hinder the client from achieving his or her goals.
  • Learn how to create and maintain solid and healthy relationships with family, friends, and people in the community.
  • Identify enabling behaviors and train the client how to avoid or deal with them.
  • Develop solutions that address the needs of the client.
  • Develop a schedule for meetings. This is a calendar indicating when and where meetings will be held. It should be understood, however, that our recovery coaches are not allowed to hold impromptu meetings with clients.

Once a plan is put in place, it is the responsibility of the recovery coach to keep the client actively engaged. Since we work with professionally trained recovery coaches, our clients should not in any way feel emotionally unsafe. Our recovery coaches are compassionate and dedicated to motivating, counselling and supporting clients who are enrolled in the program.

What you should expect

When you enroll in our life and recovery coaching program, the one thing you should expect in spades is good support from our recovery coaches and addiction counselors. As long as you are committed to staying sober and building a better life for yourself, we will help you get there.

Together with the recovery coach assigned to you, you will be able to formulate a suitable recovery plan by identifying your strengths and how you can use them to achieve your goals. Assessing your capabilities, aspirations, talents and resources is a key part of our recovery plan and it is one area of assessment we put in a lot of time and effort.

We avoid dwelling on the weaknesses and illnesses of the clients and instead, we focus our energy on assessing your capabilities and strengths, which will be your building blocks to a productive addiction free life.

It is also the one area in your recovery plan that may take time. More often than not, clients struggle to focus on their own capabilities and strengths because their minds are conditioned to believe that they are incapable, talentless, weak, and broken. But with time and with the help of our recovery coaches’ you can rediscover your strengths, skills and talents.

How long this may take depends on your willingness to work hard and stay committed to the recovery process. In cases where we are dealing with a person who has underlying health problems or psychological problems, it may take them a little longer to complete our recovery coaching program.

A new lease on life

Our goal at America’s Rehab Campuses  is to help you abstain from substance use, maintain your sobriety and build a better life for yourself. But this is only possible if you have a burning desire and willingness to live a sober, productive, and healthy life.

The long-term goal of our recovery program is to help you develop a recovery support system that will facilitate your transition from formal treatment and into sustained recovery and self-reliance.

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