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Addiction isn’t something easily dealt with, requiring multiple approaches to ensure a successful treatment program. America’s Rehab Campus understands the needs of proper addiction treatment and offers services for each step all in one place. From detox to aftercare support, ARC is committed to professional and effective addiction treatment.

Knowing Your Treatment Options at ARC

Addiction can form around nearly any substance or activity that provides a positive feeling to be produced in our brains. Everything from caffeine and video games to binge drinking and illicit drug use has the potential to be abused and turn into an addiction.

For those of you battling addiction to drugs or alcohol, medically-assisted treatment is your biggest chance at a successful recovery. America’s Rehab Campus offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment providing constant supervision in severe cases while letting others maintain work or school during treatment.

A supervised detox is crucial to a safe recovery before beginning a multi-week program. Each step of treatment plays a role in the overall triumph above addiction. Since addiction doesn’t have a definitive cure, treatment programs at ARC will arm you with the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome future cravings or impulses.

Why Medical Detox Is So Important

If you’ve used drugs or alcohol frequently over many years, there’s a high risk of a severe dependence having formed. When you remove the substance from your system, the body can experience withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal in some cases.

medically-assisted detox uses various medications to treat withdrawal symptoms and lessen the severity. Pain, discomfort, nausea and even tremors can be helped through proper administration of medicine. Getting through detox is often the most difficult part of rehab which makes this process vital to success.

Addiction treatment requires a team of professionals in order to deliver the desired results. Mental health professionals deliver therapy and counseling while physicians monitor physical symptoms of detox. By bringing each of these disciplines together, ARC is able to provide consistent addiction treatment right here in Arizona.

No Two Recovery Stories Are the Same

Another benefit to having the full scope of treatment at one campus is that each program can be fully tailored to each individual’s needs. Our team of compassionate recovery specialists work with you directly to form a plan that fits your life and goals.

These include any life skills you want to develop, specific traumas you want to address and any current responsibilities you may not be able to pause during treatment. If you don’t have a healthy and supportive home life, inpatient treatment can provide you with a safe environment to heal in.

No matter what type of treatment program works best for you, therapy sessions will be a proven method used throughout. Group therapy has been used in addiction treatment since its inception, allowing like-minded individuals to share their desire for sobriety and motivate each other along the way.

Addiction Treatment at America’s Rehab Campus

ARC’s goal is to help our patients achieve lifelong sobriety, not just through treatment. Developing healthy coping mechanisms and a strong support network are part of our treatment programs. Many group therapy participants stay connected long after treatment, often engaging in sober sports and hobbies together.

Our campus is equipped with the latest in recreational activities to show you that drugs or alcohol aren’t required to have a good time. Figuring out different options to deal with addictive tendencies is just one part of the equation.

The first step is to reach out to our team today. Whether you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, we’re standing by to offer you a free and confidential consultation. We’ll answer any questions and address any concerns you may have to begin the process of healing.