nutritional therapy benefitsStruggling with drug or alcohol addiction? You’ve most likely neglected your health. Whether the substance caused you to put on a lot of weight or made you skinny, it’s unhealthy. Many therapies are there to consider when it comes to addiction recovery. Some addicts may even successfully recover from substance abuse using those treatments alone. However, others look for alternative therapeutic approaches for their healing process. One such complementary effective addiction treatment is known as nutritional therapy.

America’s Rehab Campuses aims to provide long-term sobriety to those who are dealing with substance abuse through its effective nutritional therapy.

Nutrition is an important part of the addiction recovery process. But during the phase of sustained abuse of drugs and alcohol, addicts adopt unhealthy eating habits. The poor eating habits invite a host of health problems to accompany prolonged substance abuse. So, nutritional therapy is a beneficial option for all those addicts who seek addiction recovery.

The Nutritional Dilemma

While going through the recovery phase, the recovering addicts may experience nutritional dilemma. The alcohol consumption hinders the nutrient breakdown and digestion that results in nutritional deficiencies. It wreaks havoc on the health by causing gastrointestinal issues and nutrient depletion.

The addictive substances suppress appetite that means the addict will have an insufficient intake of calories and nutrients. Also, the addiction to drugs and alcohol can either cause you to eat too much or too little.

The continuous consumption of drugs like opiates and cocaine can simply distract users from essential health-care habits such as eating a balanced diet. Nutritious food often takes a backseat with the increased use of the substance.


what is nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is a holistic treatment to treat medical conditions like addiction and alcohol abuse. It is a process that involves a tailored diet developed by a professional nutritionist to help the addict recover from drug and alcohol addiction through healthy, monitored eating,

We keep the medical record, physical examination, and dietary history in mind when formulating the diets. Latest theories and research are integrated into this treatment to make it effective for managing a chronic disease or promoting optimum health.

This therapy aims to improve the physiological function of the digestive, immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer complete nutritional therapy to alleviate the health outcomes of the individuals suffering from addiction.


Our professional and experienced nutritional therapists work with a variety of clients and guide them on disease prevention and control. We understand that the physiological make-up and nutritional requirements of individuals differs. Therefore we first analyze the comprehensive case history of each client covering both current and past health concerns, diet and lifestyle and family health record.

Our therapists also assess nutritional status and inherited strengths and weaknesses through biochemical laboratory testing. You can expect to receive carefully compiled diet and lifestyle recommendations from us. You can also get guidance on natural detoxification, stress management and prevention of allergens or toxins from put nutrition therapist as a part of nutritional therapy.

Does Nutrition Therapy Actually Help with Recovery?

does nutrition therapy actually helpGives overall health overview 

The nutritional therapy plan begins with an overall health assessment that involves overall wellness review by an experienced physician. They will look for the specific physical effects resulted from the substance abuse such as significant weight gain or losses or other mental or eating disorders due to drug addiction. A complete treatment plan is then prepared based on the comprehensive evaluation. The plan will also include any medications that need to be taken throughout your treatment. Once formulating the plan, it is provided to a nutritionist to move on to the next phase.

Helps with the Detoxification Process

When the substances that you are once addicted to leave your body, the recovery process begins. You get your appetite back as a result and may experience significant weight gain. Although increasing appetite is good, the wrong diet can develop health issues. Some addicts may also struggle to eat in the process of drug detoxification.

This is where nutritional therapy comes to your rescue.  It helps you to incorporate a healthy diet into your routine with a structured meal plan and the right nutrients. It goes a long way to reduce the pain and discomfort that comes along with withdrawals.

Provides you with a Dietary Blueprint

The nutritionist analyzes the initial evaluation record to determine your nutritional needs. Then a dietary blueprint is created with the right proportion of vitamin and mineral intake. Additionally, the stress levels will be evaluated by the nutritionist to help you replenish your nutrient levels with a complete diet plan. The overall therapy will restore the optimal body functioning.

Helps in realistic goal setting

Nutritional therapy also helps the addict to set a realistic goal. You have to go through a dietary change while working with a nutritionist. These changes add to the overall wellness by keeping you at a healthy weight.  The goals set during this phase may be as simple as adding some fruits or whole grains to your diet. These simple and realistic, goals foster positive behaviors while keeping your recovery at the forefront.

You understand the barriers 

The addiction treatment is most effective with the support of family and loved ones. Having family and friends involved in this process increase chances for long-term success.  However, some barriers become an obstacle on your way to recovery. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we help you understand the barriers or real-life distractions that make the implementation of the recovery plan difficult.  Food preferences, lack of knowledge and inconvenience may create a hurdle in your recovery plan. By working with our nutrition therapist, you can spot and fight the stressors to adhere to the diet plan strictly.

Helps with Long-Term Sobriety

Good nutrition is essential to trigger your recovery process.  Once you stop taking in the substance, you should feel well to stay sober. Having the right nutrition and guidance will help you feel refreshed throughout the day without any discomfort.  Our professional at America’s Rehab Campuses carefully devises nutrition plans to meet the unique needs of each client. Instead of solely focusing on ceasing drug and alcohol use, we strive to improve overall health to help them maintaining long-term and lasting success in sobriety.

Nutritional Therapy Benefits

nutritional therapy benefits

Promote digestive health

Toxicity prevention and detoxification support

Support the immune system

Promote emotional and psychological wellbeing

Boost energy

Reduce stress

Balance chronic health conditions

Lack of nutritional knowledge is the major reason behind the poor dietary habits among those recovering from addiction. Research illustrates that good nutrition and exercise are effective during detoxification. Nutritional therapy is essential for your long-term recovery. With our certified dietary teams at America’s Rehab Campuses, we do a thorough evaluation of your overall health needs and create a dietary plan accordingly to restore and rejuvenate your health. It is time to recover from the toll of drug addiction.

Combine Nutrition Therapy With other therapies for added benefits

Nutrition and healthy eating habits often come along with a fitness regimen. While going through the recovery phase, a healthy diet is often essential to maintaining proper energy levels. Combined with art and music therapy, you can accelerate your recovery process and start a healthy life.