Before anyone checks into a facility for inpatient rehab, they ought to know a few crucial things about addiction and treatments thereof. In the interest of educated consumers and people who positively face their problems and deal with them sane drugs, we offer a few tips about addiction and how therapy on an inpatient basis can help.

What is addiction

Before you can deal with it, you ought to understand what addiction truly is. No, drug addiction and alcoholism are not character defects or evidence of weak willpower. Addiction is a chronic disease that can be diagnosed and treated. Like asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes, the condition is chronic. Treatment may alleviate acute symptoms, but the addict -as the asthmatic or person with hypertension- must be vigilant in their self-care. Part of taking good care of oneself involves utilizing the services available at a licensed inpatient rehab in your area.

Certain substances, when taken over time, causes significant brain changes. When these brain changes are in full force, then can lead the addict to even more harmful behavior. One of these self-harmful behaviors is relapse. A lot of people do it, but it doesn’t mean that inpatient rehab failed. What it means is that the addict needs to take a new look at the reasons why they over indulge and make a renewed promise to themselves to work a little harder. Ask anyone who’s graduated from ARC inpatient rehab can tell you that while rehab was not exactly easy, it may have been the best thing they ever did for themselves.

Therapies that help people overcome drug and alcohol abuse are varied, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse. You can find these therapies and more at ARC inpatient rehab facilities:

  • Behavioral counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Medical devices to treat withdrawal symptoms
  • Medicines to alleviate withdrawal
  • Counseling and medication for depression and other mental maladies
  • Long-term follow-up therapy to forestall relapse
  • Medical and mental health treatment as needed

Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences and changes in the brain, which can be long lasting. These changes in the brain can lead to the harmful behaviors seen in people who use drugs. Drug addiction is also a relapsing disease. Relapse is the return to drug use after an attempt to stop.

Inpatient rehab can be extremely effective, especially for persons who check in with more than one co-occurring problem. Licensed, confidential residential rehab provides a structured environment where residents have no access to temptation. Learning to live a drug-free, crime-free lifestyle is accomplished best at inpatient rehab.

How do you know treatment works?

  • Detox from drugs and drink
  • Medication when needed to detox from alcohol, nicotine and other drugs
  • Mental health evaluation and treatments
  • Medication when needed to treat co-occurring conditions
  • Learn new life skills to cope with situations sans drugs
  • Persistent treatment and follow-up care

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