Admissions at America's Rehab CampusesTrying to build a meaningful relationship when you’re dependent upon drugs or alcohol can be a real challenge. For some people, the desire to improve their relationship with their significant other is an important reason for getting into a drug rehabilitation program. Here’s a deeper look at how it can impact relationships with friends, family and spouses.

Why Does an Addiction Have a Negative Impact on Relationships?

One of the biggest ways that addiction harms relationships is that the person who’s suffering from the addiction will value the drug or alcohol over any human. This can make it difficult to live with them because their drug of choice is always the priority.

Because they are usually impaired, it’s fairly difficult for them to emotionally connect with another person. Instead, they rely on the drug to numb their feelings. They may become very challenging to be around because mood swings can occur when they need their next fix but it isn’t forthcoming.

The couple may begin to have arguments about finances because of the need to get the drugs. When both partners are using drugs, these arguments may be even more serious. Still, the drugs may be one of the ties that bind them together. This can make it difficult for one person to go through rehab at a time when the other one isn’t ready for that step.

Violence is sometimes a part of these relationships. This is sometimes called “angry touching,” which might not be done on purpose, but violence is associated with some types of drugs. It’s probable that these episodes will cease drugs aren’t a part of the relationship any longer.

How Can You Take Control of Your Addiction?

Seeking help from an established program is one of the best ways that you can take control of your addiction. This gives you the benefit of support from people who are familiar with what you’re going through. It also provides you with a known and trusted method of coming off the drugs.

Going through rehabilitation isn’t always going to be an easy road. You need to have a support system for when you get out of the program and move into an outpatient program. These individuals should be the ones you can count on when you need help any point during the day or night.

The damage that’s done to your intimate relationship might be a difficult thing to overcome. It might be beneficial for you and your partner to attend counseling together. It might also help if each of you gets therapy on your own.

Take Control of Your Life

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