America's Rehab Campuses Tucson

Making the decision to tackle addiction head-on is a more difficult challenge than you may think. Since addiction is already such an intense battle to fight, it’s important to seek out professional help. Proper treatment centers will strive to make the process as comfortable as possible, increasing success rates along the way.

The Focus Is Always on Your Success

At America’s Rehab Campus, our goal since opening our doors in 2017 has been to create an oasis for treatment right here in Arizona. From the moment our courteous drivers pick you up to the time you complete treatment, you’ll be taken care of with personalized help.

In order to facilitate a successful treatment program, there’s a large focus on building you up as an individual. Being able to separate yourself from your addiction makes it easier to isolate and address the driving forces behind the condition. One-on-one therapy sessions give you the chance to get to know yourself again, not the “you” driven by addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common approach used in treatment thanks to its efficacy. No one is too far gone that they can’t benefit from therapy and treatment. Since addiction also impacts those around us, family therapy and visits are encouraged to bolster your support network and provide your loved ones with a better understanding.

Replacing Your Fear With Hope

The ARC facility is a world-class campus that was created to remove the overwhelming feeling brought on by many treatment centers. Arriving at ARC means being greeted not by cramped medical offices, but by well-maintained courtyards and a relaxing environment. Addiction is never the fault of the individual so making treatment seem like a punishment is never the right way to start.

How ARC sets itself apart from other treatment centers in Arizona is through our amenities. Every item is updated as needed meaning you’ll have access to the best versions of each amenity. Courtyards filled with sun, plants and pools are right outside your door when staying at ARC for treatment.

Sporting facilities here on-campus are another way to improve your treatment success. Interacting with others going through a similar time can provide everyone with more insights on how addiction can impact a person. Our alumni often keep in touch with those they meet during treatment. Lifelong relationships born out of overcoming addiction are some of the strongest and most beneficial.

Each Step of Treatment Is About Self

Providing the amenities and opportunity to get out and exercise isn’t just for recreational purposes. Proper diet and exercise tend to be neglected by those struggling with substance abuse. Bringing the body back up to a natural and healthy state can have a profound impact on how you feel physically and mentally.

With everything from table tennis to basketball courts, there’s an accessible option for everyone. The exercise will also create a natural positive feeling, showing participants that substances aren’t required to feel good. It also gives you something to focus on when cravings and impulses start to become a concern. Equipping you with the tools and resources necessary to maintain your sobriety is another pillar of ARC’s treatment.

Evidence-based modalities are key to helping you achieve long-term sobriety. Cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step derived programs and medically-assisted detox are all proven methods used during addiction treatment. Going beyond the addiction, ARC also helps you learn how to get the most out of your new sobriety.

Aftercare networks of mental health professionals give you access to support after treatment to prevent relapse. You’ll also get the chance to work on building life skills such as managing your finances and finding gainful employment. Propelling you above and beyond your addiction is how we lead you to sobriety now and into the future.

Let ARC Help You Reach Your Goals

We strongly encourage anyone in need of addiction treatment to contact our team today! The staff at ARC are some of the most compassionate medical professionals available. We all share the same goal of long-term success which puts your sobriety at the top of the list.