Admitting that you have an addiction is a huge step; physically seeking treatment is an even bigger step. We at ARC know committing  to a program can be really scary. Harvest thought ARC was scary when she first arrived, too. It can feel like you’re being isolated, but in reality, you are gaining the healthiest community of peers and doctors. A group to help you to the other side of your addiction.

Finding a new Family at ARC

Harvest has fast become family at ARC between her peers and the staff. She says she likes the group sessions and her therapy sessions the best and that Arc works miracles. We are so happy to hear that our facility and programs are continuing to gain the lives back of our patients from their addictions. She truly found the root of her addictions through her therapy sessions, things she never even knew were subconsciously the cause and triggers. This gave her so much insight into what she has been truly dealing with. At ARC you don’t ever have to feel strange or bad or wrong. We offer our patients all of the support, encouragement, and kindness they deserve.

Looking ahead to a hopeful future

Harvest can’t wait to see what her life has in store for her on the other side of her time at ARC. She’s looking forward to a bright future, and continuing her work on a life of sobriety. Lucky for us she can’t recommend ARC enough. We love when our patients refer us to someone they know. It lets us know we’ve done our jobs. We have helped Harvest apply the tools to gain her life back so that she can help someone else and tell them where they can regain control of their life too.

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