Treating Valium Addiction:

Valium is commonly prescribed to help treat sleeping disorders and anxiety disorders. Although used legitimately and effectively, it is also widely abused, off-label. At Arizona Rehab Campus (ARC) we understand that anyone is prone to addiction. We offer a judgement free zone, with comprehensive evidence-based programs to help patients defeat Valium addiction.

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Getting Rid of Valium Addiction

Valium can severely affect the mind and the body when abused over time. Liver damage and mental issues may arise. Clients will first undergo a medically supervised detox where they will be closely monitored for comfort and safety. After detox, they relax in their own room, seeing a personal therapist each day for one- on-one sessions.

The program at ARC uses:

  • Initial medically supervised detox to achieve baseline health
  • Private room accommodation
  • Personal counselor
  • Individual therapy daily
  • Treatments (as needed): CBT, motivational interviews & mindfulness, family therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step support
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Free from Valium Addiction

Valium addiction may be difficult to overcome, but our staff at ARC ensures that every client receives complete individualized care in a supportive atmosphere. Using a variety of therapy, recreation, and behavioral treatment methods, clients are able to find themselves once again, in a life without Valium addiction. Contact us at ARC today. We will give you the help you deserve.