Treating Spice Addiction:

Spice is also known as synthetic marijuana. It encompasses a variety of chemicals that are often unknown and unregulated. Legislation does not yet exist to ban all of these chemicals and their combinations, so spice is fairly available and very dangerous. Spice addiction may lead to hallucinations and epilepsy as well as paranoia and withdrawal. Arizona Rehab Campus (ARC) is here to help you get back to a life free of spice addiction. Our evidence-based treatment programs will provide you with the necessary components for long-term recovery.

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Detoxing from Spice

Because spice varies from brand and producer, addiction can make withdrawal a painful process. Fortunately, our professional staff at ARC will assist through the detox process, making clients as comfortable as possible. Residents recover in their comfortable private room and individual counselors provide therapy each day. All treatment methods at ARC are based on science and have been proven effective.

The program at ARC uses:

  • Initial medically supervised detox to achieve baseline health
  • Private room accommodation
  • Personal counselor
  • Individual therapy daily
  • Treatments (as needed): CBT, motivational interviews & mindfulness, family therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step support
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Recovering from Spice Addiction

The mind and body may feel heavy and overwhelmed when struggling with spice addiction. Our team at ARC understands the complexity of recovery, and we are here to help you get your life back. We offer no judgement, only help for a brighter future. Contact us at ARC, and see what lies ahead when you live a life free of spice addiction.