Treating MDMA Addiction:

MDMA may more commonly be known as Molly or ecstasy and is usually associated with high energy settings such as clubs or raves. It produces fast, euphoric effects that can leave users feeling desperate for the next fix to fulfill these feelings of euphoria. MDMA addiction is real and so are its detrimental effects that include cognitive impairment, deep depression, anxiety, and neurotoxicity. Arizona Rehab Campus (ARC) provides clean, safe, and effective solutions to helping MDMA addicts become drug-free and get back on track.

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Saying Goodbye to MDMA Addiction

Not only does MDMA affect the brain with things like psychosis and depression, it also affects the body’s overall nervous system. That is why clients start with a comprehensive detox program under the guidance of our highly experienced clinical staff. Comfortable private rooms help clients to begin returning to normal life, and counselors provide the individual therapy they need. All of our treatment is science-based.

The program at ARC uses:

  • Initial medically supervised detox to achieve baseline health
  • Private room accommodation
  • Personal counselor
  • Individual therapy daily
  • Treatments (as needed): CBT, motivational interviews & mindfulness, family therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step support
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Moving on without MDMA

Recovery is a process. MDMA addiction can give false ideas of joy and contentment. At ARC we help reset the mind so that you can get back to pursuing true happiness without dependency on a drug. We give our clients the treatment they need and deserve, so they can get back to productive living. Why not contact us at ARC today, and let us help you along your way to a life without MDMA?