Treating Kratom Addiction:

Kratom is one of the newer, trendier drugs that is easily available via the Internet. Kratom’s effects are similar to the effects of opiates. The most common effects reported by chronic users of kratom include psychosis and convulsions. This drug damages physical and mental health, and damage will only continue without proper treatment. Arizona Rehab Campus (ARC) provides programs for those struggling with chronic use of drugs such as kratom. Here at ARC, we will help you detox and get back on your feet.

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Ending Dependency

Since kratom is a new drug, little is known about consistency of behavior for users. However, addiction to kratom may cause a variety of erratic health issues. To begin a new life, free of dependency, ARC first completes a medical detox on site. As safely and comfortably as possible, we get the substances out of users’ systems. Clients are then able to live in private rooms and attend therapy on an individual level and in a group setting each day in order to get to the root of their addiction issues with plenty of support and encouragement. At ARC, we defer to science-based evidence to guide our programs.

The program at ARC uses:

  • Initial medically supervised detox to achieve baseline health
  • Private room accommodation
  • Personal counselor
  • Individual therapy daily
  • Treatments (as needed): CBT, motivational interviews & mindfulness, family therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step support
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The Finish Line

As with any substance, kratom addiction is not easy to deal with. Help may seem far away as users struggle with anxiety and shame. ARC is proud to help those who have fallen victim to substance abuse. Our professional staff understands and implements a “recovery over stigma,” mindset. Contact us at ARC, and allow us to show you a life renewed, free of kratom dependency!