Drug Addiction Treatment Center

If you think you might need rehab, be assured that you do indeed need rehab. The fact that you found this page is positive proof that you are taking steps toward saving your own life. Sure, you could continue your addictive behavior for the rest of your life. Problem is, if you keep on using, the end of your life may come sooner than you expect.

How to talk yourself out of treatment

Most addicted people are adept at finding ways to justify their harmful behavior. It’s common for an addict to engage in addictive behavior for a long time before admitting to a problem or seeking help for the same. When called out on their behavior, an addict will typically say something like, “I can stop any time,” “It’s none of your business” or “I’ll quit just as soon as (fill in the blank).

Addicts reign supreme where rationalizing a habit is concerned. When someone’s addicted, their brain will look for ways to keep itself supplied with the drug it craves. After taking some drugs for any length of time, the brain stops making its own feel-good endorphins. Replacement of those natural chemicals with opiates is a horrible thing to do to yourself. Parts of your brain realize this now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this article about our drug addiction treatment center.

Maybe you think you’re too smart to OD. A lot of dead people used to think that, too. The trouble with that sort of belief is that it can lead straight to an overdose. Modern painkiller drugs are powerful things. They’re designed to treat severe pain quickly, but only for a limited time. Most doctors now prescribe OxyContin and other strong pain relievers in amounts that last only a few days. Taken any longer than that, opiate based pain meds are very, very habit forming.

“I can stop any time I want to.”

How many times has that phrase been your response to a friend’s query about your behavior? How many times have you succeeded in quitting? None? That’s how it goes for most people who have a drug habit. They may work up the resolve to quit, but as soon as the going gets rough, they dive right back in.

“It’s none of your business.”

If that’s the way you answer a family member who comments on your drinking or drugging, you’re wrong. In truth, your addiction affects a lot more people than just yourself. You may think your drug misuse has no effect on the people around you. That’s bogus thinking, and you can learn to replace it with positive actions at our drug addiction treatment center in Tucson. The people who love you are definitely losing sleep over the fact that they believe they cannot help you. Your parents and siblings and best friends probably worry about you more than you even realize.

“I’ll quit just as soon as I ______.”

How’s that working out for you? Most addicts have promised to quit just as soon as they’ve accomplished one thing or another. The problem with this is, the goal post keeps changing. If that’s the way you think you’ll eventually quit, forget it. Call a respectable drug addiction treatment center instead.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center