Advantages of Medical DetoxSuffering from addiction is a scary, difficult experience that can often feel shameful due to the cultural stigma around it. It can be tempting to try to detox alone in silence, but this is a risky proposition that increases your risk of relapse and complications. Addiction is a real medical condition, and it deserves the support and attention that comes with such things.

Why Work with Rehab Experts

Detoxing on your own means coping with withdrawals that can range from deeply uncomfortable to life-threatening while dealing with the pressures and stress of your day-to-day life. While it’s by no means impossible, the odds are stacked against anyone who tries as it takes weeks to make it through the worst of withdrawals and cravings.

On the other hand, it only takes a moment to buckle under the pressure and turn to drugs as an escape from your situation; an action that often results in miscalculating the dose and experiencing a fatal overdose. Just by stepping away from the temptations and stress of your day-to-day life for this period, you reduce and eliminate many of these problems.

A Safe Facility

Detoxing with a rehab means that you’ll undergo the process in a safe, clean, medically supervised location. If you experience any serious effects such as the seizures that severe alcohol withdrawals or benzo detox can cause, you can rest assured of receiving the treatment you need. Furthermore, you’ll have the option of medical treatment that can mitigate withdrawals and reduce or prevent these complications altogether. However, detoxing with rehab carries benefits beyond physical treatment and also aims to help you recover.

Compassion and Understanding

The shame and declining self-image that addiction often brings can make it hard for a person to believe that they deserve to get better, or that they even can. Detox in and of itself only goes so far to treat the underlying causes of addiction, which is another place where rehab makes the difference. Throughout the process, the patient is surrounded by people with a positive, restorative outlook that work to help psychologically as well as medically.

Evidence-Based Approaches

Addiction treatment has come a long way since the prevailing view of it held that the condition was a moral failing. Today, there’s a rich foundation of evidence that underpins detox and the entire recovery process that follows. This entails medical treatment during withdrawals, social and psychological care, and the potential for long-term follow-up treatment.

Comprehensive Care Levels

Recovery doesn’t stop the moment that you finish flashing the drug from your system. It also comes with the challenge of rebuilding healthy coping mechanisms, repairing damaged trust among friends and family, and finding outlets to deal with cravings and temptations. Detox doesn’t thoroughly tackle these social and mental health components of addiction, but inpatient rehab helps a person create the foundation for lasting recovery. After graduating from a rehab program, though, a person can improve their outcomes by pursuing long-term care.

There are many options for maintaining support after returning to independent life, such as sober living homes that provide a person with a drug-free environment to return to after work each day. As someone transitions more fully into independent life, they can continue attending group sessions via an outpatient program. One of the major reasons to choose America’s Rehab Campuses is that we offer a full range of addiction treatment care levels, from medical detox to long-term outpatient counseling.

Working with ARC or another rehab that offers multiple care levels is that you’re able to undergo your entire recovery with a personalized plan and a consistent team. This trust and familiarity smoothes the process and helps make it easier for you to pursue a drug-free life.

Rehab Makes a Lifelong Difference

Even if you only attend rehab to detox and don’t pursue long-term treatment, the safety and supervision that it offers make a real difference. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your options for detox and medical detox in Tucson, Arizona.