Drug and Alcohol Detox

When it comes to finding the best rehab in Arizona for you or a loved one, it’s important to go with a facility that prioritizes safe medical detox along with personalized treatment. Hundreds of individuals each year choose America’s Rehab Campus for detox from both drugs and alcohol. There’s no denying that detox is a requirement before treatment can begin as sobriety is the starting point of every journey to recovery.

At ARC, we make that journey seamless by housing our detox center right on our rehab campus. We understand how difficult it is to seek out treatment when you’re struggling with addiction, which is why we want to make the treatment process as comfortable and successful as possible. A major part of achieving this requires medication-assisted treatment (MAT), or specifically, medical detox.

The use of medical detox helps those in recovery overcome some of the hardest parts of their transition to sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms occur during detox, and can range from mildly uncomfortable to fatal if left untreated. But why do withdrawal symptoms vary so much?

Use Over Time Builds Tolerance

While the type of substance being abused will change the withdrawal symptoms felt, the severity of each one is always worsened over time. Regular usage of high quantities will create what’s known as a tolerance, meaning your brain is adjusting to the presence of drugs or alcohol. The stronger your tolerance, the more of the substance you’ll need to achieve the same effects. The problem is that the rest of your body is still feeling the full impact of increased usage, even if you aren’t getting the “high” or “drunk” you set out for.

Now imagine that your brain has shut off certain parts of itself that were being flooded by your substance of choice. Once you stop drinking or using drugs, your brain will have to learn how to function again in a sober state. There’s no way to prevent withdrawal symptoms, which is why medical detox is so important to alleviate symptoms and decrease their severity. Withdrawal symptoms can typically be broken down into two categories, physical and psychological.

Physical symptoms include:

  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Tremors and seizures
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Aching muscles and fatigue

Psychological symptoms refer to the following:

  • Anxiety, fear and paranoia
  • Irritability, depression and decreased emotional regulation
  • Hallucinations (in severe cases)

It should be understood how important medical detox is, as some of these symptoms can be life-threatening. Withdrawal is what stops many of those who need treatment from seeking it out. The discomfort they associate with detox is less enticing than simply continuing their substance abuse.

Don’t let detox be what holds you or a loved one back from recovery. Choosing America’s Rehab Campus for detox puts you in the hands of experienced and compassionate clinicians, psychologists, counselors and coaches.

Start Off on the Right Path With Medical Detox

Detox at ARC is one of the reasons our guests are so successful in their recovery journey. Each new treatment plan begins with an interview to discuss your history with substance abuse, your concerns, your goals and anything else you want to get out of treatment. An individual treatment plan is created based on your feedback and put into action immediately. You’ll be supervised during detox by a specific team chosen to address your anticipated symptoms.

Some drugs have more psychological withdrawal symptoms that require a clinician while others are more flu-like in presentation and benefit from a physician or PA. There’s no replacement for high-quality and professional detox, and ARC stands by this with each of our guests.

Learn More About Detox at ARC

Everyone on the ARC team has been personally impacted by substance abuse outside of work in one way or another. We understand that it hurts more than just the individual, and that seeking out help can seem like a mountain to climb. The truth is that treatment at ARC has never been more accessible. With treatment programs that match your schedule and needs, along with help with transportation to the campus, we’re here to help you get the help you deserve.

If you have questions on our detox programs or anything else, you can reach out to us any time of day. Our doors are open 24/7 to be there for you when the time is right, so please don’t hesitate to get started.