Girl in depression drinking alcohol in solitudeWhen alcohol dependence is recognized in an individual, the first thing on the mind is what options there are to safely break that dependence and the underlying disorder. Alcohol addiction or abuse can often be considered alcohol use disorder.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder, or AUD, is considered when an individual’s drinking is causing harm to their body and life. Compulsive drinking with no way to control the quantity consumed quickly leads to alcohol dependence that leaves the individual anxious and suffering withdrawal symptoms when unable to drink.

How To Get Help With AUD

For those with AUD, treatment is often the next step for the specialized help needed. Alcohol dependence treatment involves medically-assisted detox to maximize comfortability and safety. In severe cases, alcohol dependence can have fatal withdrawal symptoms if done without the supervision of medical professionals.

America’s Rehab Campus also provides full inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, allowing anyone in need of treatment to get exactly what they need. Structured treatment sessions help establish a routine while also building the tools necessary for sustained sobriety.

How Medicine Assists in Detox

When these more intensive programs are needed, the individual will need to go through the process of detox. No alcohol can remain in their system during treatment but withdrawals don’t have to be what stops someone from furthering treatment.

Disulfiram, Naltrexone and Acamprosate are three commonly used medicines for helping treat AUD. Disulfiram helps stop withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and the flushing of skin. Naltrexone and Acamprosate help reduce cravings by targeting different parts of the brain associated with how you perceive alcohol. Each one is extremely effective when administered by medical staff.

What Makes a Treatment Program Effective?

For an individual with an alcohol dependence, the very idea of not drinking can be negative enough that it no longer remains an option. For some, the withdrawal symptoms experienced are severe or painful enough that they would rather continue drinking instead of stopping on their own.

Alcohol dependence treatment is how that gap is bridged. Detox medication is the first line of defense against the traditionally negative aspects of treatment. Now the process can focus more on learning and overcoming addiction.

Therapies Used During Treatment

Therapy is a vital part of addiction treatment and includes both individual and group sessions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, CBT, works to find what drives a person to drinking more heavily and how to manage those feelings. Group sessions also help build motivation by creating a bond of accountability while working towards the same goal.

Families of the individual are also included in the treatment plan if they wish to be. This can include therapy for spouses or entire families. When a stronger support network is able to be built at home, it increases the chances of success and limits the chances of relapse. It also gives loved ones a chance to better understand what the individual is going through and dismiss negative misconceptions they may have had.

Interventions are another tool used during treatment. The goal of an intervention is for the individual to agree to attend treatment. It’s often done with a treatment center ready to admit the individual for a smooth transition once they’re willing to go.

How Effective Is Alcohol Dependence Treatment?

As with many treatments that address behavior and the mind, alcohol dependence programs can be extremely helpful when the individual is open to it. AUD is a lifelong disorder with no real cure, meaning there may always be impulses and cravings when times are stressful.

Treatment with a compassionate and professional team not only helps the individual achieve sobriety, but it equips them with everything they need to remain sober in the face of adversity. Networks of mental health professionals can be called upon for help when the struggles of AUD become too much.

Many of those who suffer from AUD don’t receive the treatment they need. If you or a loved one need help with AUD, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at Americas Rehab Campuses. We offer confidential consultations to answer any questions you have may have about treatment.