America's Rehab Campuses Amenities

Drug addiction is a complicated disease. Unlike many other health conditions, there is no simple, straightforward treatment plan that is going to work for everyone. Rather, there are numerous types of therapy that can be used to treat addiction. It is up to a patient and their care team to develop a treatment plan that’s individualized for each person. If you are struggling with addiction, know that our team offers comprehensive care at America’s Rehab Campuses to meet each one of your needs.

Treatment Options Provide Support

The treatment programs available at America’s Rehab Campuses are evidence-based therapies that have been used for effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment for years. At the same time, we have also built in a number of holistic and innovative therapies that can further provide guidance and support to you. This modern level of addiction treatment can provide you with the tools you need to recover in your own way – using the most important resources for your individual situation.

Take a look at some of the treatment options available to you:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most important tools for addiction treatment. Its goal is to help you learn to recognize negative thought processes that often contribute to poor decision making. You’ll learn how much your thoughts control your outcome.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Often, a person needs to have the proper motivation to help them to move beyond their addiction. Motivational therapy aims to help you see why you should make important changes so that you do not continue to make the decisions you are making.

12 Step Support Groups

Many people benefit from 12 step programs. It is a process that allows you to work through forgiveness while focusing on some type of higher power. For many people, this process is the ideal way to improve long-term outcomes because it focuses on not just no longer using but making amends for what’s occurred.

Recreational Therapy

In some situations, it is important for individuals to engage in recreational activities and therapies as a component of treatment. We offer a range of amenities to enable this. That includes a fitness center, swimming pool, equine services, and yoga. In short, these tools help you improve your mental and emotional health while also working to improve your mental health.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is important for many people. These are tools that allow individuals to learn from each other and with other people. You can learn real-world strategies for overcoming addiction. At the same time, you’ll have the resources you need to communicate your situation and work on recovery with people who understand what you are facing.

Family Therapy

Some of the hardest relationships to improve during addiction recovery is that of your family. Yet, these are some of the most important to consider as well. Family therapy can provide opportunities for a therapist to work with you and people close to you to either work through the damage created by addiction or learn to let go and move on.

Finding Your Way Forward Means an Assessment

For men and women facing addiction, there’s no way to know initially what type of therapy is going to be best for your needs. Rather, the first step is to have an assessment. During this assessment, our doctors and therapist will work with you to better understand your needs. From this, and from listening to your needs and ideas, we can then create a treatment plan to address your needs.

America’s Rehab Campuses offers a wide range of solutions to help you through addiction and on to recovery. In every situation, it is critical for you to focus on your future. If you do nothing now, could things improve? On the other hand, if you learn to work with our team to create a treatment plan to address your individual needs, you could face long-term recovery.

Take the first step right now. Connect with our team now to learn more about our inpatient treatment programs to discuss your needs. There is no risk in giving us a call to learn more about the coverage options available to you today.