Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

The use of intensive outpatient programs can be found in multiple fields to treat a variety of conditions. When an IOP is part of a drug or alcohol addiction program, it typically means that the individual was not in a situation that needed medically-assisted detox or 24/7 supervision in order to maintain safety during rehabilitation.

Giving patients more freedom to maintain their usual responsibilities can make the transition from a life under the influence to one of sobriety less jarring than a residential or inpatient program. It also allows them to test coping mechanisms and trigger management as soon as they learn those skills.

How an IOP Compares To Inpatient Programs

The moment that someone decides they no longer want addiction running their life is the moment they’re ready to explore treatment. With so many options available, it’s important to understand what each one provides when finding the best one for each journey. Some don’t have the ability to stay at a sober living home or spend months at a treatment center away from their families.

Inpatient programs are best for severe cases of addiction where the individual needs medical intervention and the support of addiction recovery specialists available at all times. Times where the environment one is in contributes to their drug or alcohol use can be grounds for going with inpatient programs rather than an IOP.

What An IOP Looks Like

In general, an IOP will consist of a set amount of hours an individual must spend attending group and individual therapy sessions. By taking 10-15 hours each week to dedicate towards beating addiction, individuals can make progress without putting the rest of their life on hold. 12-step programs are often used to outline group sessions while the one-on-one appointments are tailored to the individual to match their pace.

Why Group Therapy Is Heavily Used

Group therapy sessions can be just as effective as individual since the goal of each session is to learn more about yourself through new perspectives and angles, something available in abundance when surrounded by others going through similar struggles.

Learning to articulate your thoughts about your addiction within a safe space free of judgement can make it easier to connect with friends and family again once treatment is complete. Being able to positively talk about the growth and strength obtained during the process can help keep confidence high and future cravings in check.

You also get the emotional support of everyone there, not just from the facilitator of the session. There are millions battling drug and alcohol addiction and understand on a surface level what you’re going through. Group settings can open the doors up a little more and show someone sides of themselves they may not have been entirely aware of.

Individual Therapy Still Serves An Important Purpose

Where group therapy helps individuals learn more about their situation from the outside in, one-on-one therapy dives deep into these new insights in order to find their root cause. IOP sessions can always be adjusted to what best fits the speed of the individual with more or less private sessions being scheduled as needed.

Each session will focus on a specific part of the journey, whether that be uncovering traumatic events that drive current triggers or learning how to handle a sober mind that functions much differently than an inebriated one. It also provides patients with specific goals they can try to meet when not in therapy such as improving performance at work or being more present for activities around the house.

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