stop alcohol dependence

If you started drinking due to stress or mental health issues, you are not alone. Alcohol addiction involves compulsive drinking and the inability to stop drinking. However, dependency on alcohol happens in steps. The sooner you can recognize that you have a problem, the easier it will be for you to stop the cycle. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we have alcohol treatment programs tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Keep reading to find out five of the most common causes of alcohol abuse.

How Does Alcohol Dependence Start?

Even if you know or think you know what alcoholism is, you may not know how it starts. What leads people to go from drinking occasionally to addiction? There is no simple answer to this question. Alcoholism is often the result of psychological, genetic, environmental and social factors. It also typically starts out as occasional usage that gets out of hand.

Here are five of the top factors that influence alcohol dependence.

1. Stressful Environments

Everybody deals with stress but not everyone becomes dependent on alcohol. So, what triggers dependence? Stress is one of the biggest factors. For example, if you have a stressful job, you may start to drink at the end of the day to relax. However, frequent drinking can lead to heavy drinking that leads to dependence. Even successful people such as doctors and nurses who have stressful jobs sometimes turn to alcohol for relief. To reduce the risk factors associated with stress, learn how to calm down and maintain equilibrium. This might involve taking a walk, laying down for a nap or exercising, depending on your preferences.

2. Drinking at An Early Age

Unfortunately, if you begin drinking early, you are at a higher risk factor for alcohol dependence. Therefore, if you or someone you love started drinking early, it may be time to seek help to prevent alcohol addiction from taking over your life. It’s easy for drinking to become a comfortable habit. However, your body can become physically dependent on alcohol, which makes it very difficult to quit later in life.

Therefore, it’s important to seek help for teens and young adults who are highly susceptible to addiction. Learn more about our alcohol treatment programs, designed to give you your best chance at a full recovery.

3. Mental Health Disorders

Do you suffer from depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety? Mental health issues are another major risk factor for alcohol dependence. That’s because people tend to use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate rather than seek out professional help.

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer dual diagnosis programs that address your alcohol dependence and mental health concerns simultaneously. We understand that you cannot fully recover unless we treat the root cause of your addiction. Our dedicated therapists use group and individual therapy to address your alcohol use disorder and traditional and holistic treatment programs to address your mental health disorder.

4. Taking Alcohol With Medicine

If you take prescription medication, it may increase your risk of alcohol use disorder. That’s because some medications intensify the effects of alcohol on your body. Continuously taking medications and alcohol together can lead to serious addictions that could follow you throughout your life. Further, it can lead to life-threatening consequences, including an overdose.

When you talk to someone from our admissions team, they will go over all of your concerns, including potential addictions to both drugs and alcohol. We will design an individual treatment plan to help you recover and regain sobriety.

5. Family History

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, family history has a huge impact on your risk for alcohol dependence. There are both environmental and genetic factors that come into play when you have family members prone to addiction. Spending time with people who drink heavily can make it seem very normal to do so. Additionally, some studies have shown that there are genetic factors that influence the likelihood of alcoholism. It’s important to do everything you can to lower your risk.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at America’s Rehab Campuses

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we provide the tools you need to maintain a sober lifestyle. If you have genetic, environmental and other factors that have led to alcohol abuse, our therapists and medical team can help you detoxify and begin your journey to recovery. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment to get started today! We cover many insurance plans, including Cigna. Visit our verify insurance page to see if your insurance will cover your treatment or ask a specialist today.