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America’s Rehab Campuses ranks among the country’s premier drug and alcohol rehab facilities, providing personalized detox and recovery services and a comfortable and welcoming rehabilitation ambiance. We offer drug rehab for veterans who deal with substance addiction conditions and co-occurring disorders, allowing them to return to a drug and alcohol-free life asap.

Why Professional Drug And Alcohol Rehab Is Necessary For Safe Recovery

Substance addiction can affect individuals differently, and veterans fall into a special category for people with high addiction susceptibility. They have seen, and experienced things that often leave deep mental and emotional scars, and many fall into drug or alcohol addiction because of it. We have equipped our facility to handle even the most severe addiction cases in a safe, comfortable, and luxurious recovery setting.
Our program’s goals include:
• Mental and emotional stabilization – People with addiction struggle with emotional and cognitive imbalances due to the addiction-related chemical imbalances in the brain. Our recovery protocol helps people regain their mental and emotional stability, allowing them to focus on long-term recovery and sobriety management.
• Medical and psychiatric assistance with withdrawal – The withdrawal symptoms can become excruciating in advanced addiction cases, and professional detox is the safest and most effective treatment against that. We rely on targeted medication, therapy, and counseling services to counter the withdrawal’s effects, cleanse the body of toxins, and promote long-term recovery.
• Addressing and managing co-occurring disorders – Many veterans struggle with co-occurring disorders like PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, depression, suicidal tendencies, bipolar disorder, etc. Our drug rehab for veterans offers customizable dual diagnosis treatment, allowing our patients to address their disorders in a supportive and relaxing environment.
• Complete lifestyle overhaul – We strive to help our patients learn about sobriety management, relapse prevention, and successful social reintegration post-rehab. This part of the rehab program is particularly useful to many veterans who tend to develop antisocial behavior due to their mental and emotional traumas and substance addiction.

Finding The Ideal Dual Diagnosis Treatment For Veterans

Co-occurring disorders are common in people with addiction that have a long history of drug or alcohol abuse. Around 50% of people with addiction show one or more symptoms of co-occurring mental problems that impact their life’s quality and prevent them from attaining and maintaining sobriety over the years. The ideal dual diagnosis treatment is hard to come by, considering the multitude of aspects it needs to get right.
Each mental issue comes with its own profile, symptoms, and characteristics, and ensuring optimal treatment is vital for smooth and sustainable recovery. Our drug rehab for veterans provides access to optimized and personalized dual diagnosis treatment in a state-of-the-art facility, under continuous expert supervision. We have a team of competent and empathetic professionals ready to assist veterans on their journey to a better, sober, and more fulfilling lifestyle post-addiction.
Contact America’s Rehab Campus to speak to one of our rehab specialists, and set an appointment as soon as possible! We offer in-depth clinical assessment and patient-oriented recovery programs that will help you overcome addiction, tackle co-occurring disorders effectively, and embrace a sober life over the years.