Being exposed to alcohol at an early age has the ability to shape a child’s life as he or she continues to grow. Exposure to alcohol and/or illegal substances can later cause a dependency, which can be hard to treat without professional help.

Michael’s Story and Testimonial

Michael got his first taste for alcohol at the young age of 14, from where it progressed for the next 20 years without abatement. He didn’t recognize it as a problem until he realized he was spending all his money on alcohol, had lost his job and relationships with those around him, and even got into some trouble with the law. It was then that he realized he was an alcoholic and needed help.

Just by circumstance, Michael ended up at America’s Rehab Center, and says “it was one of the best decisions of my life.” He says everyone, from the behavior health technicians to the therapist and the chef in the kitchen, all have one focus in mind: to get well.

Managing Addiction with Some Help from America’s Rehab Campuses

With the help of ARC, Michael now realizes that addiction is a disease which is extremely difficult to manage on your own. During his time on campus, Michael noticed a major change in himself with the help and care of the staff. The one message he wants to make sure everyone struggling with recovery knows is that there are many resources for those suffering, and it’s vital to work the program. To get better, you need to have motivation. America’s Rehab Campus is devoted to instilling that upon you and offers great tools to help you on your way to being a healthier person.

If someone you care about is currently struggling with addiction with or without a criminal history, now is the time to seek help. Don’t wait for rock bottom to become a reality. ARC offers drug detox, alcohol detox, and a wide range of evidence-based therapies effective in treating substance use disorders and addiction. If you or a loved one needs help fighting addiction, contact ARC today at 833-272-7342 to learn more about our available recovery programs before addiction and crime become a problem in your life or the life of a loved one.