Empty bottles of alcoholAlcoholism is a condition that takes a terrible toll on communities throughout Arizona, and at America’s Rehab Campuses it’s our mission to help. While everyone’s recovery journey looks different and there are many paths to take, one of the best options is certainly inpatient alcohol rehab. Near Tucson, Phoenix, and other cities, you can find robust care programs that are tailor-made to help you in recovery.

What Does Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Entail?

A large part of modern addiction treatment is long-term and revolves around outpatient care, such as counseling and withdrawal-suppressant medication. However, short-term, inpatient care is a potent intervention that can go a long way to help you start your recovery off right.

Medical Detox

The first stage of inpatient rehab is detox, which takes place in a secure, comfortable place with ready medical supervision. Withdrawals are scary, and in severe cases of addiction they can even cause medical complications. Furthermore, fatal cases of excessive drinking are a significant risk when dealing with the physiological and psychological toll of withdrawals alone.

Medical detox is a holistic treatment method that uses anti-withdrawal medication, counseling, and all-purpose care to make this process as easy as possible. By the end of detox, your body will be on the course to regaining normal, healthy function and you can expect to feel some health benefits in as little as a week.

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehab Course

No one wants to be an alcoholic, and those who suffer with alcoholism almost always have underlying reasons for their struggle. Detox is only the first step, but inpatient rehab provides an opportunity to tackle these underlying issues. Counseling and group therapy can help people get at the core of why a person’s drinking is so problematic and provide them with support, community, and guidance to help them build a healthier lifestyle.

Someone undergoing inpatient rehab will have access to and the support of a team of medical and psychiatric professionals who are serious about helping people recover. Besides sharing space with a like-minded, sobriety-oriented community of people with similar struggles, patients can also find answers to all of their questions about alcoholism. Many people still labor under the idea that addiction is simply a moral failing, but this is an obstacle to getting better. One of the most important elements of inpatient rehab is that it provides patients with the compassion to help them see that they deserve to be better.

A Powerful Beginning to Your Recovery Journey

Sobriety is a life long commitment that starts out challenging, but becomes habitual with time. Taking a break from the stress, pressure, and risk factors of day-to-day life to go to rehab is one of the best ways to start this commitment. With America’s Rehab Campuses, you can find excellent inpatient alcohol rehab near Tucson as well as post-rehab care options. We’re a friend and ally in your fight against alcoholism.

First-Class Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Near Tucson

America’s Rehab Campuses offers some of the best inpatient alcohol rehab near Tucson with the latest in evidence-based care. Reach out today to ask questions, find out more, and enroll in our alcohol abuse treatment program.