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If you or someone you love has recently started using alcohol more frequently, you may wonder what the difference is between alcohol dependency and alcoholism. At America’s Rehab Campuses in Arizona, we believe in providing the information you need to make an informed decision about your physical and mental wellbeing. In this article, we’ll explore what alcoholism and alcohol dependence mean and why these terms are no longer preferred in the alcohol rehab community. Feel free to reach out at any time regarding how to seek help at our well-respected alcohol addiction treatment program.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is the preferred term for those struggling with alcohol addiction. Previously, some practitioners made a distinction between alcohol dependence and alcoholism, with alcohol dependence gradually building and leading to alcoholism.

Alcoholism is characterized by the inability to stop using alcohol despite adverse effects on your health, job, and social connections. Often, there is a continuum of dependence that gradually leads to full-blown alcoholism, where an individual mainly thinks about alcohol to the exclusion of every other interest.

Now referred to as alcohol use disorder or AUD, there are mild, moderate and severe cases, depending on how often you drink, how much you drink and whether or not you seek help for your condition. Quitting on your own is admirable but not always the most effective way to kick the habit. Instead, consider a luxurious treatment facility that provides the emotional, mental and physical support you need to heal and get well without access to alcohol.

What Is Alcohol Dependence?

Now considered a subset of alcohol use disorder, alcohol dependence describes the physical need for alcohol. It may develop quickly or slowly, depending on how much and how often you drink. Alcohol dependence is a progressive and chronic disease and it requires complete abstinence to avoid relapsing.

We highly recommend inpatient treatment, starting with detoxification under supervision. The withdrawal effects of ceasing to drink are often quite severe and may include hallucinations, agitation, restlessness, delirium and seizures. In fact, withdrawal symptoms can lead to severe health issues and even death without the necessary medical intervention.

Preferred Terminology

“Alcoholism” and “alcohol dependence” are sometimes still used by the general public and medical and treatment specialists. However, these outdated terms no longer fit in with the recognition of AUD as a mental (and physical) disease. Both terms fit under the umbrella of an alcohol use disorder, and you can distinguish them from the level of abuse or addiction.

Alcohol use disorder happens progressively and, the sooner you receive treatment, the more likely you are to make a full recovery.

Treatment Options for Alcoholism

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we provide as much support as possible for those in recovery or those in danger of becoming dependent on alcohol. For instance, you can visit our blog for helpful information such as ways to prevent addiction.

Of course, we also offer solid treatment programs that address mental and physical dependence on alcohol. By starting with our detox program, you can rid your body of alcohol and avoid the risk associated with quitting on your own. Additionally, we offer medications that ease withdrawal symptoms and help you recover more quickly.

Our inpatient residential rehab program provides 24-hour care, supervision and support. In this program, you will go to 12-step-based programs, and receive both individual and group therapy. We provide nutritious meals and a range of therapies for you to choose from. From meditation classes to cognitive behavioral therapy, you will work with your therapist to customize a program that meets your needs.

We also offer partial hospitalization and outpatient rehab programs to provide flexibility for those who cannot attend or do not need 24-hour monitoring. When you meet with a member of our admissions team, you can figure out which plan would work best for you and help ensure your lifelong recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Arizona

While “alcoholism” and “alcohol dependence” are no longer the preferred terminology, it’s important to understand that alcohol use disorder occurs on a continuum. This means that it’s important to seek help for yourself or your loved ones struggling with alcohol abuse.

Contact America’s Rehab Campuses today so that you can begin your journey of recovery and stay sober!