alcohol and drug withdrawal

Struggling with alcohol abuse can lead to a multitude of issues in your personal, professional and social life. Alcohol is becoming a socially acceptable form of self-medication for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Popularized heavily by different forms of media such as music videos and serialized television, partying and drinking are the preferred options after experiencing trauma or stress. But why do so many people turn to alcohol?

Because Alcohol Can Be Used To Cope

When we face troubling times such as a job loss or losing a loved one, there’s a full spectrum of emotions that we go through. These feelings can quickly become overwhelming with alcohol being the solution to ease the mind.

What you should understand is that alcohol is a depressant, essentially slowing down your central nervous system. While it reduces anxious thinking, it also impairs judgement and critical thinking skills which lead to harmful behavior. The longer alcohol is used, the more likely your brain is to develop a dependence on it.

A dependence forms due to the central nervous system adjusting how it functions based on the presence of alcohol. Once alcohol is removed from the equation, your brain struggles to handle basic tasks while it figures out how to function in a sober state.

Alcohol Abuse Impacts All of Us

It doesn’t matter what economic or social background you come from, alcohol is always available in some form as a coping mechanism. Financial stress, high pressure jobs and family struggles can hit anyone at any time whether you’re a student panicking about finals or a trauma victim battling PTSD.

Children of those who abuse alcohol can inherit the same addictive tendencies that plague their parents. Even simply growing up around regular drinking can normalize the practice and remove any concerns you would have at a young age. The challenge comes with breaking that cycle and seeking treatment if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

It’s important that alcohol isn’t replaced by another substance such as illicit drugs that also function as depressants. Addiction to prescription anxiety medication and marijuana can begin when someone wishes to quit drinking but possesses no healthy coping mechanisms. Addictive tendencies are universal and any substance that alters our mind in some way can become the focus of an addiction.

Focus On Rising Above Your Addiction

Alcohol abuse treatment is the most important tool when it comes to achieving and maintaining sobriety. The reason treatment is so successful is that it helps you discover and overcome the root causes of your alcohol abuse.

Various triggers and contributing factors can culminate into alcohol abuse meaning there’s often no single answer to why the addiction started. During treatment you’ll have the opportunity to receive therapy in both individual and group settings.

Working one-on-one with a mental health professional creates a healthy environment for you to dig beneath the surface and take the time needed to process each discovery. Group sessions let participants share these insights in hopes of helping others through a new perspective.

Ensure a Safe Recovery With Professional Treatment

Have any of these situations seemed familiar for you or a loved one? If so, America’s Rehab Campus encourages you to seek out addiction treatment as soon as possible. Treatment programs are able to employ medical detox as a means for safe withdrawal. Physicians and mental health professionals oversee the process 24/7 to address withdrawal symptoms as they happen.

Our compassionate staff works seamlessly to make the entire recovery as comfortable as possible. By offering all the needed recovery services at one location, you’re able to maintain the same staff who understand your progress the entire way.

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ARC for a confidential consultation. It costs nothing to speak with our team but the decision to seek out alcohol addiction treatment could become the greatest investment for your future.