If you drink enough alcohol to wonder whether you might have a drinking problem, it’s likely your drinking habits have started spiraling out of control. Knowing common signs of alcohol addiction can alert you to whether it’s time to get help so you can start recovering from the effects of your drinking problem and get your life back on track.

Do you have a drinking problem? Here are signs of alcohol addiction and information on how an alcohol rehab center can help.

Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

People drink alcohol for many different reasons, such as to celebrate, be social, or to relax after a long day at work. Some drink because alcohol is easily accessible in their environment, while others may drink in an attempt to escape negative feelings like guilt, sadness, and depression.

To reduce the risk for alcohol-related harms, such as auto accidents, health problems, and addiction, adults of legal drinking age are recommended to consume alcohol in moderation. Women are recommended to consume up to one drink per day, while men are recommended to consume up to two drinks per day. Drinking higher amounts of alcohol on a daily or regular basis could be a signal that you have a drinking problem.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Evidence shows that nine out of 10 people who drink excessively are not alcohol dependent. Alcohol dependence is defined as a chronic medical condition that includes strong cravings for alcohol, a history of excessive drinking, continued use of alcohol despite consequences, and the inability to control or stop drinking.

Other signs of alcohol addiction include the following:

•Drinking more alcohol than intended

•Spending excessive amounts of time drinking and recovering from the effects of alcohol

•Thinking about alcohol when not drinking

•Failed attempts to reduce or stop drinking

•Giving up favorite hobbies and activities to drink alcohol

•Continued alcohol use despite mental and physical health consequences

•Increasing the amount of alcohol you drink to feel the effects

•Engaging in risky behaviors

•Lying to friends and family about drinking habits

•Neglecting important responsibilities like work, school, and family

•Withdrawal symptoms when reducing alcohol use

If you’re exhibiting any of the above signs of alcohol addiction, it may be time to get help in the form of alcohol detox and rehab.

What Is an Alcohol Detox?

An alcohol detox is a treatment that helps you overcome your physical dependence on alcohol. Trying to quit alcohol on your own can be difficult and isn’t recommended, as the effects of alcohol withdrawal can often be dangerous or even deadly. Those who suffer from a severe alcohol addiction face the risk of delirium tremens — a severe form of withdrawal characterized by shaking, mental confusion, and seizures.

An alcohol or drug detox helps you safely withdraw from alcohol so you face a lower risk for complications like delirium tremens. An alcohol detox is normally conducted as a medical detox, which allows you to recover from alcohol dependence while under 24/7 medical care and supervision to reduce complications. Detox is the first stage of addiction treatment and is available at most alcohol and drug rehab centers.

How an Alcohol Rehab Center Can Help

An alcohol rehab center uses a range of therapies to help you overcome addiction physically, mentally, and emotionally. Following an alcohol detox, therapy teaches you important skills that prolong your recovery and abstinence from alcohol. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you change the negative thoughts and behaviors driving your addiction, while family therapy helps you repair relationships with your spouse or children that may have been broken due to addiction.

If you have a drinking problem, seeking help at alcohol rehab today can help you experience a safe, fulfilling recovery from alcohol dependence and addiction.