Cigna Alcohol Rehab Centers

If you’re looking to join a professional rehab program today, we welcome you to America’s Rehab Campuses. Substance addiction is a mental disorder that progresses fast and can get terminal if left untreated. Many patients decide to seek help in advanced stages, making the rehab process that much more difficult. Fortunately, there’s hope for everyone.

No matter how severe your disorder is, you need to come to our Cigna alcohol rehab centers today. When it comes to alcoholism, every second count, especially when most people don’t even take the illness seriously. The reality is that alcohol addiction is just as devastating in the long run like any other form of chemical addiction, even involving high-risk drugs.

Our rehab treatment offers a well-rounded clinical strategy that relies on a multi-layered approach. To ensure the best results, we offer:

Advanced results-oriented clinical detox – The purpose of the detox process is to cleanse the body and restore the opioid receptors in your brain. You will fell your cravings diminishing, as your general state will improve by the day. With our clinicians supervising the process, you don’t need to fear the withdrawal, as we’ll ensure the maximum of comfort during the procedure.

Dual-Diagnosis assistance – Unfortunately, most victims of substance addiction also suffer from at least one co-occurring disease. Our mission is to offer an inclusive form of treatment that addresses mental issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD or PTSD. The dual-diagnosis treatment will further stabilize your mental status and prevent the relapse long-term.

Behavioral therapies – Substance addiction is primarily a disease of the mind, before becoming one of the body and spirit. The reason why our Cigna alcohol rehab centers are so popular comes from our holistic approach to the rehab process. We offer comprehensive psychotherapeutic support both during the rehab treatment and in the aftercare period. Our behavioral therapies will aid you in becoming more confident, positive, stable, and stronger, mentally and emotionally.

Nutritional support – Malnutrition is a problem with almost all victims of alcoholism. The more the brain craves for alcohol, the less it will do so for nourishment. Soon, the alcohol will become most of the “nourishment,” causing you to lack essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Our chef has two decades of experience in behavioral health and nursing services, along with an unbending passion for cooking delicious and nutritious food. He will be one of your best friends, as he will serve you tasty and nourishing meals with an extra topping of his charming personality every day.

Essential lifestyle changes – Going through alcohol rehab is a commitment of a lifetime. Since the risk of relapse will always exist, you’ll need to adopt drastic lifestyle changes to ensure you remain sober, healthy, and productive. At our Cigna alcohol rehab centers, we have a team of experts dedicated to teaching you everything you know about adopting a healthier lifestyle today.

Contact us, at America’s Rehab Campuses, and reclaim your right to a happy, fulfilling life! The power is in your hands!