Alcohol Treatment

If you woke up with a hangover yesterday, you may have decided at that moment to swear off booze forever. By the time evening rolled around, you were popping open a beer or decanting a bottle of wine. Maybe you had a little ‘hair of the dog’ to prop you up at noontime. No matter how you justify it, the fact is you could not make it through an entire day without a drink. Welcome to the club. A lot of good people have a bad problem with alcohol. Fortunately, alcohol treatment can be kind and effective, if you choose the right rehab facility.

Many Arizona residents who find themselves addicted to alcohol wonder how it happened to them. Many reasonable people unreasonably believe that addiction only happens to others. Actually, it’s far more complicated than that. Some people have a genetic propensity for addiction. If you have family members who over-drink, chances are you will, too. It’s biology, not weakness.

Overcoming addiction involves more than will power, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Drinking changes the way the brain behaves, and that makes it hard to quit a long time habit. The good news is, drug and alcohol treatment centers such as America’s Rehab Campuses have access to new medicines and therapies that make abstinence easier than it ever was before.

Inpatient therapy is the right way to go for most alcoholics who wish to get sober and stay that way. Intensive in-house counseling and peer group meetings are just some of the treatment modalities offered at ARC and other centers for alcohol treatment.

Not all alcohol treatment centers are the same

Housed in a classic Tucson hotel, ARC provides comfortable accommodations that are reminiscent of a resort, not a hospital. Here guests participate in yoga classes, meditation sessions, equine services, art and music and other alternative treatments. Recovery is a positive journey that we’ll take together.

Is alcohol a drug?

Yes. Chemists call the alcohol that people drink ‘ethanol’ and it’s fast and effective. When you ingest it, alcohol changes the way you feel and behave. The other two kinds of alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and methanol, are poisonous.¬†People drink for all sorts of reasons. Friends toast when they have something to celebrate. Many people like to unwind with a cocktail after work. How much drinking is too much? If booze interferes with your work, school or home life, that’s too much. We’re not judging you. We’ve been there, too. ARC is here to help people just like you.

We can help you come to terms with alcohol addiction in a resort-style atmosphere. ARC alcohol treatment centers have helped many people make positive lifestyle changes. When you’re ready to stop making excuses about your drinking, please call America’s Rehab Campus at 833-272-7342. The call is free and it won’t obligate you to anything. Let’s just talke about your rehab options. We look forward to meeting you.

Alcohol Treatment