Alcohol Rehab

Is alcohol a drug? Yes. Alcohol is as much a drug as anything in your medicine cabinet right now. Chemists call the kind of alcohol that people drink for recreational purposes ‘ethanol’ and it’s tremendously psychoactive. This means that when you ingest it, alcohol changes the way you think and feel. Ethanol is one of the oldest intoxicants known to man or woman. The other two kinds of alcohol, methanol and isopropyl alcohol, are poisonous and should never be taken internally.

Beer, wine and distilled spirits all deliver alcohol. One shot of tequila, one glass of wine and one bottle of beer each contain roughly the same dose of alcohol. When sipped, alcohol may cause a sense of mood-lifting euphoria along with lessened anxiety. If more alcohol is consumed, impairment of cognitive, memory and motor functions typically decrease. Eventually, sedation occurs and the drinker ‘sleeps it off.’ Of course, alcohol may affect different people differently. Some people become morose and sad every time they drink, but they still don’t stop. Others have a few drinks and start picking fights. Every alcoholic is different, but they all have one thing very much in common. Any problem drinker can get well, if they adhere to a structured program.

When someone has a drinking habit, alcohol rehab can help. America’s Rehab Campuses provide ’round the clock supervision that allows the problem drinker to focus on getting well without the temptation of bars and friends who drink. In time, the recovering alcoholic may be able to reconvene with such acquaintances without incident but, for now, the addict needs to look toward the goal of a positive life sans alcohol.

Not all alcohol rehab clinics are created equal

Many clinics provide effective treatment in environments that cannot compare to the luxury afforded at ARC inpatient rehab in Tucson. Housed in a classic hotel, ARC provides comfortable guest rooms that are more like a resort than a hospital.

People drink for many reasons. Friends toast one another to celebrate and socialize. Many people like to tip a brew and unwind after work. So, how much drinking is too much? If drinking is interfering with your day to day life, that’s too much. If you now prefer to hang out at bars than with your real friends, that’s overdoing it. If you found this page while searching for alcohol rehab in Arizona, finding us was no accident. We’re not here to judge you about anything. We’re really here to help people just like you to accept the positive life that’s waiting for them once they put alcohol and drug misuse behind them. You could be one of those people, if you make the first call.

Alcoholism is a true medical condition that can be treated but not entirely cured. Some people have brains and bodies that are simply ‘wired’ to be more susceptible to alcohol over-use. If this sounds like you, you can count on an ARC alcohol rehab counselor to listen with compassion when you call.

Alcohol Rehab